Leadership that sticks and a financial update

Welcome to 2018

We are excited about what the Lord will bring in the coming year. Thank you for all of your support and prayers in the past few years. There is a multitude of things coming through the various ministries of City Bible Forum, The Edge, Reel Dialogue, Rouse Hill Bible Church, Bible Study Fellowship and scripture classes.


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What is next for The Edge? Leadership that sticks

What does leadership in the workplace look like today? What does 'leading on the edge' even mean?

Description of the topic: The way we work has changed dramatically in the past decade. More people are employed in non-traditional industries, working flexible hours and using technology to work anywhere. Expectations of leaders have become a moving target and it is hard to know how to lead and who to follow in this new era.

Speakers: Former NSW premier Mike Baird and Michelle Lim (KPMG, Westpac)

What is The Edge?

Short. Sharp. Smart. The Edge is a talk series that will live up to its name. Like TedEx, two expert speakers will address today’s topics in a short, but content-rich style. But we want to do more. After the talks, Dr. Justine Toh of the Centre for Public Christianity will allow you to interview the speakers and take them to the edge of the topic.

 Financial Update

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. It has been a blessed year for our family. In the coming year, we have a wedding, our first grandchild and the launch of new things in the various ministries.

One of the most exciting parts of these ministries is seeing people come to Christ through these works and His provision. We do our best to keep our supporters informed over the year and we are grateful for your role in these amazing evangelistic works in Australia.

One thing we committed to doing is communicating with you twice a year is our support levels. Our goal is to not focus on finances in most of our monthly communications, but we do desire to keep you up-to-date about our needs. With all of the ever-changing world economics, Australia has been affected by these ups and downs, but we have been very thankful for the continued support from all who have supported us regularly this year.

Monthly support: Due to changes in our support needs (Increases in support levels) and supporters changes in their opportunities to give, we are currently close to our 100% support level. To achieve our monthly support goal we will need to raise $310 per month for 2018.

A one-off need: We are looking to raise $5000 for the sake of supporting the work of The Edge and Reel Dialogue.

We appreciate the consideration from you or your churches when evaluating your upcoming budget discussions. You can give monthly to our ministry or give to the ministry with a one-off gift. The best way to give to our family and the ministries is through this link to ABWE.

Support: ABWE : RUSSELL W. & CATHY MATTHEWS (0132363)

Our family continues to give thanks to God for all you have done for us this year. Know we pray for our supporters regularly. Please keep in contact with us and send us any questions about our ministries or financial details.

Happy New Year and know that the adventure continues for our family.

Russ and Cathy Matthews


Matthews Finances for 2010

We wanted to update you on our current financial needs in 2010. Our updates are focused on our ministry opportunities, we only report the financial details every six months. This decision is to show our focus is on the ministry and not just finances. Yet, we are willing to discuss these details at anytime of the year. Finances in Sydney: It has been an amazing year of ups and downs. The GFC, flux in the exchange rate, new supporters, losing supporters, increase in ABWE administrative fees, increase in the cost of living in Sydney and general cost of living in the largest city in Australia. We are thankful and amazed how God has continued to provide for our needs. One unique opportunity was presented to us this year. We have an Australian group that is willing to support us. So, we have been able to gain additional support from those we work with in the country we are serving. This is an encouraging confirmation of our work here in Australia. Also, due to many of our faithful supporters, we have been able to maintain our support levels throughout 2009.

We have been informed by one of our churches in the US and two of our individual supporters that our support will be changing in 2010. Thankfully it was not due to damaged relationships, but financial challenges in the lives of our churches and supporters. Our support for the coming year is currently at 97% of our monthly support levels. This means we are under-supported by $158 (US) on a monthly basis.

We would appreciate your prayerful consideration in making up this difference in our support. Please consider taking up a portion or all of this support need. Besides the work we are doing in Sydney, we commit to pray for you regularly.

To give go to the ABWE link provided for the easy to follow instructions:

To give you perspective of what this support would be going toward here is a list of our 2010 ministry needs.

Ministry opportunities in 2010: • Application for citizenship (February) • Working towards a church plant in the city in 2011 • Exciting programme at City Bible Forum (new speakers, new evangelistic outreaches, new courses) • Growth and planning for Urban Fight Club (Men’s ministry)

• Active role at Glorious Hope Baptist Church (Preaching, evangelism and teaching)

• Furlough (Appointments set w/ all churches and a supporters dinner in October) Anyone who would be willing to assist in some of the financial costs of flying to the US would be appreciated. • General expenses of living

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you in 2010. We hope to see you at one of our supporting churches or at the supporters dinner we are planning at the end of October. More details will be coming for this event in the next month.

The adventure continues... Russ & Cathy Matthews

Bi-annual Support update

Team Australia, Thank you for your continued support and prayers. It has been an amazing year for our family. The opportunities for ministry continue to grow. We have had the privilege of seeing people come to Christ through the various ministries that we participated in this year. We hope that you are receiving our regular communications through our free RSS feed on our website, Through the Lord's will and your support we have been able to be a apart of this amazing work in Australia.

We committed to communicating our support levels to you twice a year. With all of the world economic challenges, Australia has been effected by the changes too. We have been very thankful for the continued support from all who have supported us regularly this year. With some of these adjustments we are currently close to our 100% support level, we are only experiencing a shortfall of $80 per month.

We appreciate consideration from you or your churches when evaluating your upcoming budget discussions.

Thanks, again, to God and you for all you have done for us this year. Know we pray for our supporters regularly. Please keep in contact with us. Happy Christmas and New Year.

The adventure continues...

Russ and Cathy Matthews

Matthews Bi-annual Ministry Report

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.Romans 15:13

team australia- The first part of 2007 has brought exciting opportunities and new challenges for our life in Australia. We hope that our monthly updates, through our website, have been able to keep you informed of all the Lord is doing in the land Down Under. This is our bi-annual update of the details of our ministry, which will include our financial information.


  • homebuilders – We have been privileged to start a new home group at Cornerstone Baptist this year. The growth of the church meant we needed to look to a new home group for mid-week Bible studies. We started the ‘Homebuilders’ group that will primarily have an outreach to young families and married couples. It has been great to build relationships with the current six couples; we ask your prayers for each of the couples and the potential for new families in the next year.
  • introducing God – I have been running an iGod on Thursday nights in the city. The team has had increased interest in the course and many non-Christians coming to hear more about the God of the Bible. It is a pretty labor intensive course, but in establishing an environment for the non-Christians to come has made it worth the effort. We have between 30 -45 people attend each week.
  • holiday Bible club – We have a youth group from the US coming in July to work with our HBC at Madang Public School. (Yes, we are able to do a HBC in a public school!) Please be praying for Matt Borst, Lisa Behrends and the youth team that will be coming.
  • preaching – I have been regularly preaching in the evenings at Cornerstone Baptist Church, working through Acts. It has been challenging and motivating to see the missionary journeys, growth and persecution of the first century church. We are looking forward to the opportunity of starting a church in the future in Sydney.


  • jason parmerlee – What a blessing this man has been to us this year. Jason has taken on some big tasks this year and it has been great for the churches and for our family. He is teaching scripture in the public schools, running the youth group at Cornerstone Baptist, helping me with the Introducing God course in the city and strives to find other ways to serve the team in Sydney. He has only been here four months, but we are grateful for his servant’s heart.


  • melbourne – The family was able to get away for a long weekend to Melbourne. It was a long drive, but it is a beautiful city. We stayed at a caravan park and thoroughly enjoyed the city. We visited Tim Loftis’ church, Suburban Baptist and had a nice day with their family. We, also, had the opportunity to learn all about Ned Kelly, the notorious bank robber. Read up on him, if you are coming to Oz. Fascinating history.  
  • youth group – The girls are apart of the youth group this year. Wow! Thirteen years old. They love it. Making friends. They went to a big youth conference; KYCK in April. It was great to be apart of the ministry and see the youth group growing as a team. The youth group will be apart of the HBC in July.
  • scouts – Josh is looking to join the Scouts. He had a great time the other night at his fist meeting. He even was pretty good at cricket!
  • talking- Caroline is talking up a storm, still a bit of babbling, but she is not short of words. She is the center of all conversations at church. Caroline likes to get around to all of the families, but seems to like spending a good portion of her time with the Young Adult Men, hmmm….    Pray for us!


Thank you for your faithful support. We committed last year to only do a financial update twice a year. Please contact with any questions.

  • exchange rate – The exchange rate is the highest is has been 17 years. We have made the necessary adjustments to our budget. We are not leaving beyond our means, but if the dollar increases by more than five more cents on the dollar, we will need to move. We understand that is a part of the ministry, but we hope not to have to move until we know the area we desire to do a future church plant. Please pray for the needed adjustments to occur.

  • international cost index – Due to the strength of the Australian economy and the weakness of the American dollar we have seen an increase in our support needs. The ICI and the Australian field council determine the increase in our support requirements. Sydney was just ranked internationally, as the fifth most expensive place to live in the world. This is due to lack of building, strength in the dollar and increase in the Australian stock market. We did come to the field over-supported and increases in support from churches in 2006 had our support level at over 100%, but due to steady increase in support needs we are currently under-supported by 10% or $600 per month.  We are making a request to all who have considered supporting our ministry, but currently do not or anyone who would be willing to increase their monthly support of our ministry. (Based on our number of current supporters, that would be approximately $13 per supporter) Thanks for your prayerful consideration of our needed support.

Thanks Thank you for your support and prayers. This update was longer, but we wanted to keep you informed about the current year. Please  pray for the needs presented in this letter. Know we are praying for you, also.

The adventure continues...

The Matthews Family (Russ, Cathy, Rebecca, Hope, Jushua and Caroline) If you are not a current subscriber to our monthly updates, we encourage you to go to our website and click onto the RSS link. We update our information on our website monthly and you can get them automatically through this link.