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Thank you for the prayers... We took things to The Edge and BSF has had a great start

Thank you for your prayers

We asked for your prayers for the For the Love of God night, 7 seconds and Beyond (The Edge) and the launch of a new BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this year.

  • Cathy has been asked to head up the children’s ministry for BSF in Rouse Hill this year

    • The ministry is flourishing and each night sees new attendees.

    • The relationship between this ministry and the church has been exceptionally well received and they look forward to seeing the fruit from the work in the coming year.

    • Cathy could use your prayers for her wisdom and strength in managing this exciting new ministry.

  • For the Love of God film event went exceptionally well.

    • Over 300+ attendees

    • Thank you to the team at StPaul’s for hosting the event and having Reel Dialogue along for the night

    • Great panel discussion with Mark Hadley, Maia Hadley and CPX’s Natasha Moore

    • Russ was the moderator for the night and was thrilled to get great questions about the Bible, the church, and Jesus.

  • 7 seconds and Beyond: How to maintain a lasting impression from a first impression

    • What a great start to The Edge in 2019

    • Duncan Robinson and Jenny Brown were our keynote speakers with Justine Toh leading the panel discussion

    • A fantastic night and a great lead into the follow-up evening: Edge X

    • Be sure to watch the videos and the other series at The Edge - The links are imbedded in their names.

Videos from The Edge: Duncan Robinson - Jenny Brown - Panel discussion (Q&A)

We are so grateful for your prayers and support of these works. Send us your questions if you want to know more about these ministries.

The adventure continues…

Russ & Cathy Matthews

For the Love of God