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Our family is amazed at what the Lord has done in our lives and ministries over the last 13 years. We cannot wait to share with you about it. Come along to hear about the work in Australia. (US events throughout July) We can't do this without your help.

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There is no way for us to express the depth of gratitude for the prayers and support that has been a key to the growth of these ministry efforts.

Over the past year and a half, we have experienced some challenging financial times. Even though our budget has been tight throughout the years, this last year has been the particularly arduous. We will not go into all of the details, but between changes in supporters ability to give, a change in the payroll system at ABWE and increases in support needs we have had to make drastic changes to our budget. We have cut expenses, negotiated better rates for our housing and worked with the ABWE finance department to make the necessary adjustments to keep us on the field. Many churches and supporters have increased their support levels, which we are exceptionally grateful and humble for the generous contributions to the Lord’s work. 

Stability: Despite some changes that have led to a support deficit, the majority of our supporters have remained faithful. The finance department wanted to commend our supporters, because of your consistent support. This helps us to plan for our upcoming furlough. 

Basic numbers: After extensive conversations with the finance department, making cuts to our budget and clarifying the numbers for our supporters. We are currently at 100% of our support needs, but would need to increase our support in the coming year by $150/ month. Also, we need to raise funds for our personal and city ministries - $7500 (US). This will get all of our accounts back to their necessary levels at ABWE and for our family to remain on the field. 

The urgency is that we need to raise these funds during our furlough in July. We are willing to sit down with anyone who would like to discuss this process and for those interested in helping with our ministry efforts. 

We will be in Iowa throughout July and do appreciate any assistance in support. Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to Matthews Down Under.

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US Schedule:

7 July - First Baptist Church : Monroe, IA

9 July (Tuesday) - Saylorville Church: Des Moines, IA
14 July - Faith Baptist Church: Knoxville, IA
21 July - Pioneer Bible Baptist Church: Louisburg, KS
28 July - Grace Baptist Church: Emmetsburg, IA
30 July - Men’s Steak & Corn Fellowship: Saylorville Church (Men will need to register for this event)
4 August (AM) - First Baptist Church : Grundy Center, IA
4 August (PM) - Missionary Baptist Church : Carlisle , IA

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