All things new at City Bible Forum, The Least of These, KoRn and Artificial Intelligence

What an amazing month of ministry opportunities. We will attempt summarise the many things that have gone on in the month of May and there is more to come. Your prayers and support are a catalyst for keeping these things going. We are thrilled to be part of these various evangelistic and ministry efforts.

A new look at City Bible Forum

We had our national City Bible Forum conference at the beginning of the month. This is a fantastic time to get together tight our teams from around the country to discuss the work and looking ahead to the future. There is quite a bit to share in the coming months about the structural changes, a new ministry arm called Third Space and the possibilities for the growth of this work outside the borders of Australia.

One new aspect that was introduced to enhance out ministry efforts are new logos for our ministries and an exciting new website.

Check out the new websites: City Bible Form & City Bible Forum+

Tell us what you think and send us your thoughts. One is for the enquirer and the other for Christians looking to do more evangelistic work in the workplace.

What do you think of the new logos?

The Least of These: The Graham Staines Story

The Reel Dialogue team was privileged to moderate and be involved in the premiere screening of The Least of These. Many may not remember the story of the Australian Christian missionary who was burned along with his two young sons by a Hindu mob in India, because it occurred over 20 years ago.

As the social fabric of life in rural India disintegrates in the late 1990s, journalist Manav Banerjee (Sharman Joshi) moves with his pregnant wife to the town of Orissa in hope of a better life and the promise of a lucrative career. When speculation mounts that local Australian missionary Graham Staines (Stephen Baldwin) is illegally proselytizing leprosy patients, Manav agrees to investigate undercover for the newspaper.

What he finds is a series of revelations that are difficult to fathom and even harder to explain, and Manav is forced to make a choice between his own ambition and the truth. In the end, his actions spark a tragic event that is felt around the world.

Based on a true story and shot on location in India, THE LEAST OF THESE beautifully illustrates the power of love, hope and forgiveness to overcome hate. Aneesh Daniel directs the film, featuring Stephen Baldwin, Shari Rigby, and Bollywood star Sharman Joshi.

After the screening, Russ had the opportunity to discuss the film with the producers, writer and a local film critic. The audience was a mix of various faiths and cultures, but the greatest honour was having Gladys and Esther Staines (The widow and daughter of Graham) in attendance. Along with the Ellis children who portrayed the Staines children in the film, this was a special event where the Gospel message was conveyed on screen, on the panel and during the time of discussion afterwards. People were lined up to thank and meet the Staines family and a multitude of people was impacted and influenced by the message fo the film.

Check out the details of the film

Panel discussion

Panel discussion

Gladys, Staines, Esther Staines and the Ellis children who portrayed the Staines children in the film

Gladys, Staines, Esther Staines and the Ellis children who portrayed the Staines children in the film

Loud Krazy Love with Brian ‘Head’ Welch

The following week we had the opportunity to host a completely different film and audience. The lead guitarist from KoRn, Brian ‘Head’ Welch was in town to promote his film, Loud Krazy Love.

The remarkable story of Brian ‘Head’ Welch and the daughter that rocked his world. THUNDEROUS. ANGRY. CATHARTIC.

The sound Brian “Head” Welch helped pioneer with KoRn in the early ‘90s provided identity to a generation of misfits and made him a global rock star. Famous, wealthy, and worshipped in the spotlight, an adolescent self-loathing relentlessly haunted him in the shadows – until the day a tiny miracle was born. By the time he walked out on a $23M record deal in 2005, desperate to kick a devastating crystal meth habit, all he wanted was to become a good father. The truly hard part had just begun.

LOUD KRAZY LOVE details the harrowing journey of Brian and his daughter Jennea growing up together with chaotic courage and unconventional faith. Far beyond a rock doc, this fearless coming-of-age story grapples with teenage depression, the quest for identity, and the hope of a father willing to do anything for the one he loves.

After the screening, Russ was able to interview Brian live before the audience. The took questions from rock fans, addicts, and hurting souls. People asking how to fight their addictions, how to find a church, how to be a better parent and more importantly, how to connect with God through Christ. Brian explained that his ‘tribe’ of fans is a unique group and how he was the right man to reach into this world.

A fantastic night to hear from a metal legend as he shared his story of redemption, failures and salvation.

Check out the details for Loud Krazy Love


Prayer for Artificial Intelligence at The Edge

Please be praying for the upcoming night at The Edge. This unique evangelistic endeavour opens the door on a subject that impacts everyone.

The world of artificial intelligence influences our everyday existence - from easy autotext to creepy tailored ads to complex algorithims that replicate the human brain. As boundaries blur and new horizons open, A.I.’s existence is exciting, confounding and concerning all at the same time. Where might A.I. take us and what does it mean for you as an intelligent human being?

Let’s take this to the EDGE and hear from an expert who works with artificial intelligence and an ethicist who will tackle what it means for you and me.

Pray for the speakers as they prepare to direct people through this world toward the message of what it is to be human and our need for something more. Dr Sam Chan is a master at this aspect of directing people toward the message of the Bible through these topics.

Pray for the event and all in attendance to come along because of the relevance of the topic, but to leave with a message more fulfilling in this life and into the future. Pray Christians bring along their enquiring friends and co-workers to the night!

Thank you for your support and prayers.

The adventure continues… Russ, Cathy and Caroline Matthews