Finding Validation series - the results

'Imagine there was a place that we could go to get ‘validated’. To be reassured that we are significant, valuable, an approved human being. The trouble is, those sorts of affirmation are so fleeting. Fashions change. Achievements fade. Photos can only represent the past. They all slowly lose their power to assure us, and in a week’s time, we’re likely to wake up and begin the search for validation all over again.’

But it’s very human to look for validation. We all want to know that we look ok, that we’re doing ok – in short, that we are ok. We want to know that our experiences and opinions matter. We want to believe we’re an authentic person, living a worthwhile life. Could the God of the Bible provide your validation? ’ 

Finding Validation was the theme of our August mission throughout the business districts of Sydney with a great conclusion at The Edge on Thursday, 16 August.

The City Bible Forum team welcomed Max Jeganathan from RZIM to be our keynote speaker for our concentrated outreach throughout the city. Max’s family came to Australia from Sri Lanka as refugees, and he went on to study law at the Australian National University, and then the University of Oxford. He is now based in Singapore as a senior speaker for the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries where he develops positions on the relationships between faith, politics, economics and moral reasoning.

The team worked to mobile the Christian city workers to invite their work colleagues to events Bible Shots, City Legal, Bridge Street Fellowship and The Edge to hear evangelistic talks from Max and other speakers. We had hundreds of guests come along to the various events and sign up for a series of studies in the book of Ecclesiastes called Chasing Life. 

Check out the details for the upcoming Edge: Crossing the Cultural Divide

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