Finding Validation events

Imagine there was a place that we could go to get ‘validated’. To be reassured that we are significant, valuable, an approved human being. The trouble is, those sorts of affirmation are so fleeting. Fashions change. Achievements fade. Photos can only represent the past. They all slowly lose their power to assure us, and in a week’s time, we’re likely to wake up and begin the search for validation all over again.

But it’s very human to look for validation. We all want to know that we look ok, that we’re doing ok – in short, that we are ok. We want to know that our experiences and opinions matter. We want to believe we’re an authentic person, living a worthwhile life.

In August, come to The Edge to explore validation and well-being at multiple events with various speakers in the city at a location close to you.

We have one-off events throughout the city and Max Jeganathan will be speaking at Bible Shots, City Legal and The Edge on Thursday, 16 August.

All of the details at The Edge website

Mon, 6 Aug 

Central Station

Did I do alright?, Speaker : Sam Chan

Wed, 8 Aug 


Which guru got it right?, Speaker : Max Jeganathan

Wed, 15 Aug 


Which guru got it right?, Speaker : Max Jeganathan

Thurs 16 Aug 

North Sydney

The quest for meaning - dead ends and answers, Speaker : Al Stewart

Finding validation

Thu 16 Aug, 6.30pm-7.45pm

The secret to wellbeing and how to maintain it

City Legal

Starts on Thu 9 Aug, 7.30am-8.20am

What does real success look like?

Bible Shots

Thu 9 Aug, Fri 10 Aug

Markets, Materialism and the search for meaning