Finding Validation

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The secret to well-being and how to maintain it

You walk into a lobby and you see a sign. It says:


- and just for a moment, before you realise it’s talking about car parking, you wonder if it might mean something more…

Imagine there was a place that we could go to get ‘validated’. To be reassured that we are significant, valuable, an approved human being.

Interestingly, most people act as though they think there is. They go to their wardrobes and look for validation in their clothes. They go to work and look for validation in their achievements. They go to their photos and look for validation in their relationships.

The trouble is, those sorts of affirmation are so fleeting. Fashions change. Achievements fade. Photos can only represent the past. They all slowly lose their power to assure us, and in a week’s time we’re likely to wake up and begin the search for validation all over again.

But it’s very human to look for validation. We all want to know that we look ok, that we’re doing ok – in short, that we are ok. We want to know that our experiences and opinions matter. We want to believe we’re an authentic person, living a worthwhile life.

This is much, much more than a pair of shoes can offer. Even Nikes. So where do we go to get the sort of validation that lasts a lifetime?

Some people say lasting assurance lives in a healthy bank account. Others say you find it in healthy children. And still others, in a healthy relationship with God.

In August, come to The Edge with us, and let’s see if we can discover the source of real validation together. We’ve gathered some brilliant minds to help us think through the problem– add yours to the mix! – and discover a source of validation that will not only last the night but will build as the days go by.