A wedding, a baby, the Apostle Paul and mastering the fear of feeling fake

We come to you in celebration and looking ahead to an incredible month of activity

The Baby - Welcome George Gibb to the world!

On 13 March at about 5:03 pm, little George Matthew Frank Gibb was born weighing in at 3.9 kgs (8 lbs, 6 oz) and measuring 52 cm (20"). Mum and baby are doing well. Thanks so much to everyone who has prayed for them, loved their family and supported them during their journey. We are incredibly blessed and humbled.

The Wedding

Our daughter Becca will be marrying Warrick Hall on 14 April. We are thrilled to be including this young man in our family and to be part of his family. Please be praying for all of those coming in for the wedding, that the Lord will be glorified throughout the day and that this lovely couple will have a wonderful start on this adventure of marriage.

Reel Dialogue - Paul, Apostle of Christ

Thank you for the prayers for the amazing night of film and discussion with the Sony release of Paul, Apostle of Christ. We had a full house to see the latest release and then proceeded to a great panel discussion. Nathan Muse and Natasha Moore were able to field questions from the audience who were curious about the accuracy of the history and storytelling aspects of the film. We had over 30% of the audience who were from an enquiring position in their faith.

The Edge - Leadership that Sticks

What a night of talks, discussion and lessons in leadership.

What does leadership in the workplace look like today? What does 'leading on the edge' even mean?

The way we work has changed dramatically in the past decade. More people are employed in non-traditional industries, working flexible hours and using technology to work anywhere. Expectations of leaders have become a moving target and it is hard to know how to lead and who to follow in this new era. Mike Baird and Michelle Lim delivered fantastic talks and answered questions on the panel led by Dr. Justine Toh.

Check out the videos on The Edge website

It’s OK, you belong: Mastering the fear of being a fake

Ever feel like you’re a fraud? That you’re just not cut out for your job? And that someday, you’re going to be found out—and cast out? You’re not alone. Tech billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, award-winning authors, business executives, and many other highly capable individuals all suffer from Imposter Syndrome: the persistent fear of being a fake.

Please pray for our two speakers as they grapple with their imposter experience, the strategies they use to keep their fear of phoniness at bay, and then pose your own questions to them.

What is The Edge?

Short. Sharp. Smart. The Edge is a talk series that will live up to its name. Like TedEx, two expert speakers will address today’s topics in a short, but content-rich style. But we want to do more. After the talks, Dr. Sam Chan of City Bible Forum will allow you to interview the speakers and take them to the edge of the topic.

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Russ and Cathy Matthews