Just the other day... Who said that evangelism isn't interesting?

Every week, we get unique opportunities to share the Gospel with people of all ages. Through the work in evangelistic Bible studies, one to one studies and scripture classes.
Lana - In our weekly Bible Study at Westpac Bank, Lana comes every week. She has recently immigrated from China and had never read the Bible before.
We were discussing the subject of the truth of he Bible. Lana seemed confused and asked about telling the truth about someone's clothing. 'Should I always tell the truth about what someone is wearing?'
This little clarification lead to a fantastic discussion within the group about the differentiation between absolute truth and telling a lie.
Gaetana - A woman in our community that we have the opportunity to engage with was asking about my work. We went on to have an hour long discussion about religion, the Gospel and her views of the world. I asked if she thought that my stance on 'only one way to God' sounded arrogant? She stated 'No, because you are merely saying what you believe. Arrogance is more in the tone that you deliver the message. You do not convey arrogance at all.'
Towards the end of the conversation she said, 'This was a great discussion about religion. I think talking about religion is like farting.' This caught my attention... I asked with a grin... 'How is talking about religion like farting?'
She said, 'Well, everyone believes in something and everyone farts. But, we are afraid to talk about either subject. Why? Since everyone does both, why not talk about it? Especially after we do it, we feel better.'
Wow! That is some incredible insight on the world. Now, how do I get that into a sermon analogy?
EvieĀ - The public school where Cathy teaches Scripture classes started Ethics classes. A new government initiative. Unfortunately, she lost some of her students to this new initiative. She was exceptionally disappointed at first, especially since one of the little girls, Evie. She was so inquisitive and seemed so engaged with the Bible. All Cathy could do was pray for her and be thankful for all of students who had remained in the class.
The following week, Evie comes walking into the room and sits down in Cathy's class. With enthusiasm and a smile, Cathy asked what she was doing back.
Evie said, 'That ethics class was boring and I really like being in this class.' Also, Cathy was able to give Evie her first Bible that week.
The Lord answers prayer in his timing!
Please keep praying for opportunities like this and for people to continue to search for answers from the Bible in Australia