Cosmic Chemistry and US ministry

August is Cosmic Chemistry Month at The Forum

Please pray for all of the talks this month

What is the correct equation?

Science - Religion = Reason  or  Science + Christianity = Purpose? 

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind" - Albert Einstein

In August, The Forum steps into the laboratory to analyse the history and contributions of science as we celebrate National Science Week around Australia.

We welcome Dr. Lewis Jones (trained in Astrophysics and Theology and is now the Director of The Simeon Network), and our specialist panellists as we experiment with the fusion of Christianity and science.

Also, would you consider assisting the evangelistic event with Professor John Lennox?

Do science and God mix?   Mon Aug 25th, 7pm-9pm

This event is for the skeptically minded, the scientifically curious and the believer who likes to wrestle with questions of science and faith.

Prof John Lennox will address the question "Do science and God mix?", followed by a discussion with moderator Jane Hutcheon (ABC News 24). Finally, questions from the audience will be answered on stage.

This event has the potential to reach many skeptics and the auditorium will hold 2500. The similar event we had last year with William Lane Craig filled to capacity and half of the audience were from a skeptical and atheistic background.

Would you be keen to assist with this event? Here are the links through ABWE.

Professor John Lennox event Donation LinkEnter these details:  0770103 – Urban Ministry-City Bible Forum, Sub-account 002 – Professor John Lennox

US Ministry

The family is currently in the US working with churches and supporters to know more about the ministry in the Australia. We are looking forward to coming to your church in 2014. Pleas pray for our time in the US.

We will raising funds for the ministry work and our living expenses. A specific project we are working on is replacing our current ministry vehicle. If you have the capacity to contribute to this project, we appreciate the support. Van Donation link: Enter in these details: Matthews ministry vehicle, Account: 0132363

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please contact us with any questions over the next few months.

The adventure continues...

The Matthews family