July in Australia - Towards Belief, Bible Reading Groups and travel

It is the middle of winter in Australia. Yes, it does get cold here and we are in our winter school holidays. Even with the holidays and cold, we are still excited about the opportunities for ministry in July.

Towards Belief at Rouse Hill Bible Church has been a great series for our church to participate. It is a study where leading Christian thinkers diffuse the belief blockers of our time. We have gone through topics like suffering, the supernatural and the Bible. Our groups have grown and people love the discussion after we hear for these speakers from the UK, US and Australia confront each of the blockers to Christian faith in the western world. Suffering,

Pray as we engage both Christians and non-Christians who come along to discuss these belief blockers.

Bible Reading Groups: Reversal of  Fortune - Ruth series and the Cost Benefit Analysis of Following Jesus

For many of our evangelistic Bible Reading groups in the city, we will explore how God is in control of this world.  That God has an answer for life. In the Reversal of Fortune study, we look at whether suffering is an indication that God isn’t there, or that God doesn’t care and what is he doing within out suffering.

While in the Cost Benefit Analysis of Following Jesus analyses the value, challenges, sacrifice and hope we can have in following Jesus. A great study for those who like to go deeper into what it means to  follow The Saviour.

Traveling mercies : Our family will be travelling to the US in a few weeks. Please pray for our trip and our ministry opportunities.

Thank you for all you do for our family and please pray for these ministry opportunities.


The Matthews