The Australian Dream, Abraham and Life Under Pressure

Prayer points for May 2014 This month at the Forum: The Australian Dream?

Is there more than a house, a holiday and a Holden (Australian Chevy)? The Australian dream has always been defined by these three things. Is it enough or is there more?

The talks start on 7 May: Topics - Is it all about money?, Rest: land of the disappearing weekend, Lifestyle: I came from the land of plenty and The Castle: are we dreaming'?

Pray the talks will direct all who come to the answer to life, Jesus.

Rouse Hill Bible Church: The life of Abraham

Pastor Kwok and I will be speaking through Genesis and the life of Abraham.

Life Under Pressure - Daniel series

For many of our evangelistic Bible Reading groups in the city, we will explore how God is in control of this world. Despite appearances at times and that God expects his people to co-operate but not compromise in the way they live in this world.

Thanks for keeping us in your prayers,

The Matthews

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