Happenings in Sydney: David Murrow, Resurrection on Trial & furlough update

The most recent updates have been about about the recent trip to Bangkok and the Urban Missions Summit. But we cannot forget Sydney. We have some exciting coming up in the next few weeks in the city. We would appreciate your prayers.

David Murrow

The Forum has the privilege of having David Murrow speaking at various events around Sydney. He will be part of the Bible on Trial series.

His talk will be The Church on Trial: Why are people leaving religion behind?

Details about David: Why are men and boys fleeing Christianity? David Murrow has dedicated his life to answering that question. He's a best-selling author of ‘Why Men Hate Going to Church.’ Murrow is an entertaining speaker who handles this taboo subject with humour and grace. He's a television producer and writer by trade. Murrow comes to us all the way from Chugiak, Alaska. We look forward to learn more from David on why people are leaving religion behind.

He will be speaking at The Forum, special dinners, City Bible Forum Legal, Moore Theological College and Bridge Street Fellowship.

The Resurrection Inquest - Hoax or history?

Two barristers go head to head questioning believer and Bible teacher Ian Powell on the evidence or otherwise for the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.

Defence Counsel - Ian Davidson, SC

Ian Davidson became a Barrister in 1991 after legal experience in the US, followed by work as a Solicitor from 1983. His practice is primarily in commercial and equity. Ian also has inquest experience, though never involving a vanishing corpse.

Prosecuting Counsel - Martin Hadley

Martin Hadley became a Solicitor in 1982 and a Barrister in 1990. He is an editorial consultant to The Skeptic magazine and Treasurer of Australian Skeptics Inc, having joined its Board in 2000.

This is an evangelistic event where the audience gets to be the jury.

Rouse Hill Bible Church

We will be concluding the Hosea Series this month. Then gearing up for the Easter holiday season and then... Genesis!

We are loving the church and the opportunity to serve alongside the church family at RHBC.

US ministry- we could use your help: The family will be heading back to the US at the later part of the year for our US ministry. We look forward to sharing all that the Lord has been doing in Sydney and Australia. We look forward to sharing stories of salvations, ministry opportunities and churches doing a great work. We have saved over the past four years for the trip, but costs are higher and we find that we will need some assistance with the airfare and travel. Tickets will cost around $15,000. If you have the capacity to assist with this request, please click on the give tab and enter these details: Matthews - Australia - Furlough expenses - 0132363

Link: GIVE to the Matthews airfare

A fun furlough note: Australian Rules Football season has started in Sydney, we are looking forward to it all. Joshua will be playing for the Kellyville Magpies. When we are back in Des Moines, Josh may get a go with the Des Moines Roosters. Did you even know you had an AFL club in DSM? Go support our friend Tyler and the Roosters!

Thank you for all you do for our family. We look forward to seeing many of you this year. Please keep praying for the ministries in Sydney, Australia and Southeast Asia.

The adventure continues...

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua & Caroline

PS - For those pedantic folk, we live in Australia and our spelling is in the Australian tradition. Thank you for the editorial comments.