Excited, Nervous and Thankful for Bangkok trip + a request for our future US trip

I will admit it, I woke up this morning excited and nervous about the today's trip to Bangkok. I did not sleep well last night. Thinking of all the things coming up in the next week and month. But today, I need to focus on travel, being away from my family, and preparing for meetings. These meetings have the potential to have a significant impact on ministry in our area of the world. Please pray for me,our family and the ABWE team this week. The details are below for this trip and for our trip later this year. Thank you for all who contributed to this event and for your prayers. Prayer points:

1. The Lord will work in the lives of all who are coming to the Summit and show us how we can reach more people for Christ in SE Asia.

2. Safety in travel to and in Bangkok. Also, for a safe return.

3. For the family while I am away for the week.

Goal of Urban Ministry Summit : to develop and implement an aggressive strategy to reach Asia through the cities.

City Ministry is a central theme of where we reach people for Christ. Thank you to all who have been praying and have supported the upcoming Urban Ministry Summit in Bangkok. Please pray for wisdom and strategies to reach into the cities of Asia/Pacific region. I hope to report some of the details surrounding the event. We have ministry leaders coming from all over the region and world to participate in this unique opportunity.

US ministry- we could use your help: The family will be heading back to the US at the later part of the year for our US ministry. We look forward to sharing all that the Lord has been doing in Sydney and Australia. We look forward to sharing stories of salvations, ministry opportunities and churches doing a great work. We have saved over the past four years for the trip, but costs are higher and we find that we will need some assistance with the airfare and travel. Tickets will cost around $15,000. If you have the capacity to assist with this request, please click on the give tab and enter these details: Matthews - Australia - Furlough expenses - 0132363

Link: GIVE to the Matthews airfare

Thank you for all you do for our family. We look forward to seeing many of you this year. Please keep praying for the ministries in Sydney, Australia and Southeast Asia.

The adventure continues...

Russ Matthews