Christianity, Belief and Six Steps - Feb 2014 Update from the Matthews

Please be praying for the various events and series at The Forum and Rouse Hill Bible Church. What is so Great about Christianity? 

This is the new series at The Forum in Sydney 2014. We were looking to start the year off with the some of the positives of our faith.

Despite appearances, following Jesus has much to commend it. Some have claimed that Christianity has been disproven by science and discredited as a guide to morality. But despite this, and much that is bad in the world, many reasonable people still trust Jesus. Intelligent, educated people still believe what the Bible says. And Christianity has proven it is not just another mindless religion.

Weekly topics:  Compassion, Confidence, Purpose & Peace

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Towards Belief

I will be leading this series at two locations in the city at Westpac bank. This ten-episode series follows Australian pastor and host, Karl Faase as he travels the world and interviews over 30 leading authors and speakers about the top "belief blockers" of our time. Contributors include John Lennox, Nicky Gumbel and John Dickson.

Topics: Suffering, The Bible, Supernatural, Religious Violence, Exclusive Faith, Church Abuse, Science & God, Homosexuality, The Church & Towards Belief

Pray for many to come along and participate in the series. Also, Karl will be concluding the series with an evangelistic set of talks in April.

Go to the website and get a preview, it is good material.


Six Steps to Sharing Your Faith - A new study at RHBC

We will be going through this series at our church for the first few months of the year. It makes think of the people around you: your family, your workmates, the man at the news agency, your neighbours. Is there a single one of them who doesn't need to be following Jesus?

Six Steps to Talking about Jesus is a short course that goes back to square one, and helps people make a start.


» the core motivation for reaching out to others;

» how to depend on God in prayer;

» how to invite people to read a book or come to an event;

» how to tell your own story of what God has done for you in Christ;

» how to explain the gospel of Jesus in a simple way.

Pray for fruit from this series and growth of His people and the church.

I have taught this course in the past and is a good motivation for evangelism.

Thank you for your prayers and support,

The Matthews


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Written by Russ Matthews for Matthews Down Under ( We do live in Australia, the Australian spelling is correct )