The Nemmers, Bushfires & The Urban Ministry Summit

Thank you for all of your prayers and correspondence over the last few weeks. Here is an update of many of the things going on in Sydney. The Nemmers

We have been blessed beyond measure with Pat & Marilyn Nemmers being in Sydney for the last two weeks. What was planned as a time of observing the ministry, turned into a full on participation on multiple levels for the Nemmers. We hope they will be able to share with the church many of the things they were able to participate and the incredible people they were able to meet.

Here is a short list of their time here: The Forum: Can we make a difference?, meeting for church planting with Geneva Push & ABWE, seminar on outreach in the Catholic community,preaching at Rouse Hill Bible Church, evangelistic talks in the Blue Mountains, City Bible Forum Legal & Afterwork, church BBQ, Bible Study Fellowship and a multitude of individual meetings and we even got in some touristy things.

Thank you to the Nemmers for coming and to Saylorville Church for letting them come to work with us in Australia. We pray they are able to get some rest when they get back, but will be able to share with you the many great experiences they were able to participate in Sydney.

You were an amazing blessing to our family.


Thank you for the email and phone calls in reference to the bush fires in New South Wales. These fires are a bit closer to us than last years fires. At this time, our community and home are not effected by the fires. The fires are effecting the Blue Mountains at this time, which we can see from Schofields. Many homes have been burnt and lives effected. Please pray for rain and for the lives of those who have been effected directly by the fires.

The Urban Ministry Summit

Russ has been given a unique opportunity to attend the upcoming Urban Ministry Summit in Thailand. It is an ABWE initiative and is an exciting opportunity to take his experience in the city work to other areas of the world.

Here is a brief description on the event:

Helping our ABWE teams to value the cities - not to the exclusion of the good village ministries we already have going, but as an added emphasis. More people are in the cities than in the rural centres, especially with the urbanisation of Asia. Both targets are valid (the village and the city). But at the moment, the city is largely neglected by our teams. How can we change the perception of Christians so that they purposely and joyfully invest in urban ministry?

Define recruitment priorities. What kind of specialisations do we need for the cities? There is a unique skill set required for the cities -- what is it, and how are we going to go about getting those people?

Encourage location-specific strategies for reaching urban centres. The shape urban ministry takes in Singapore will probably be different to Delhi. Hearing and learning from what others are thinking and doing. This is vital for connecting contacts as people inevitably move between urban hubs.

With the ministry at City Bible Forum, we are poised to be able to contribute to this initiative. Assist in the goals and moving forward of a focus on urban ministry in ABWE.

We need your help. The trip will cost approximately $1000. Ticket and accommodations.

Would you or your church be willing to assist with this initiative? Please pray about giving to this initiative. If you can give, please email us or send your gift to Saylorville Church,6429 NW 6th Dr, Des Moines, IA.

Thank you for the consideration.

We are grateful for all of your support, prayers and the adventure continues.

Cheers, The Matthews