Can we make a difference? (Also, The Nemmers arrival!)

We are so excited to have Pat & Marilyn Nemmers with us for the next few weeks. Please pray for this special time with them. Also, they would be able to see and meet the ministires and people we have come to love in Australia.

They will be able to be part of many of the upcoming events. Pat will be speaking at various events and they will be staying with us.

Pray as they come along to City Bible Forum, Rouse Hill Bible Church and experiencing Sydney.

What is happening this month?

Have you ever wondered why October is the tenth month and not the eighth? Possibly.

Does it make a difference? Probably not.

Throughout October City Bible Forum is considering the things that really DO make an impact on our society, positive or otherwise.

Read on to find out more. We hope these events make a positive difference to you and your friends.

The Forum at lunch: Can we make a difference?

What impact do philanthropy and social activism actually have? Can one person make a difference? How has the virtue of humility made a difference?

Please be praying for the lunch forums at 1:05pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays and find out...

• 9/10 Oct: The Forum features a panel of influencers: Nic Lochner,Malcolm Wood, Rachel Scott and Edward Santow. They will answer your questions on Can we make a difference?

• 16/17 Oct: International Justice Mission Legal Counsel Amber Hawkes asks How can one person make a difference?

• 23/24 Oct: Best-selling author, historian and TV presenter Dr John Dickson will show us How humility makes the difference in the private and public sphere.

Citywoman Career-Wise Conference

Women - do you want to inspire others to make a positive impact?

On Thursday 10 October, 6:15-9:00pm the Citywoman Career-Wise Conference is all about Positive Power and Influence at Work.


At lunch: the points of difference

What is unique about Jesus, his life and teaching?

Following The Forum discussions on making a difference, national City Bible Forum communicators Al Stewart and Ian Powell will explore the points of difference about Jesus that make a powerful and positive difference today.

30 Oct-5 Dec: weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 1:05pm.


Christianity: A Short Course for the Curious

Please pray for the upcoming course for people who are curious about Jesus?

A Short Course for the Curious, 5 sessions which uncover the life and teaching of Jesus using eyewitness accounts and original documents.

• No Biblical knowledge is assumed, and all questions are welcome.

• Led by experienced teachers Al Stewart and Ian Powell.

Wednesdays, 6-8pm 16 October to 13 November 

Read more and register ...

The Smith Lecture: 24 October at AGNSW

Prof Patrick Parkinson (Professor of Law at University of Sydney, specialist in family law and child protection) will be delivering this year's Smith Lecture on a timely topic:

Child sexual abuse and the churches: A story of moral failure?

Why did this happen? What assurances can be given that this will not happen again?

This special annual event will be held at Art Gallery of NSW, Thursday 24 October, 6:00-8:15pm. Group discounts apply.

This is an ideal lecture for friends, family and colleagues for whom this issue is a stumbling block to considering the Christian faith. We encourage you to have dinner afterwards with your guests to discuss this sensitive and vital topic.

Thank you for your constant prayers and support.
The adventure continues...
The Matthews family
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