Life, The Universe and August

 To our prayer partners and supporters,

Rouse Hill Bible Church: Thank you for your prayers for the Revelation series we are doing at Rouse Hill Bible Church. We have visitors coming this week and ask for the Lord to do his work through the church.

3 birds, One stone :
I had a great lunch with a young city worker the other day. My goal was to get feedback from him on recent events and to recruit him to the Big Investment. I ended up with than I had planned from our time together.
1. A few months back, I had a talk with him and another young worker about In house ministry. He told me about his work inside Origin Energy and his response to a talk I had with him a few months ago about starting an In House group. Since our talk, he has started gathering Christians within Origin and has started bringing them to City Bible Forum with the plan to start a bible study in Origin.
2. He brought along a non-Christian friend to The Wolverine movie event. He was able to have a great discussion over dinner with Joe and other friends about the points from the Panels talks: Resurrection & the Saviour figure. He went on to tell me of other discussions he had other friends who had many questions about Christianity. Many of his other non-Christian friends were interested because  a group called 'City Bible Forum' was putting on such an event, which lead him into quite a session of apologetics on biblical issues. He really loved the Secret hollywood event and hoped we did it again in the near future.
3. When we got to the conversation about the Big Investment, he already had it in his diary. He is keen to look into part time ministry work and looked forward to hearing about the options with City Bible Forum. He is coming and he has recruited two other friends, too.
It was a great conversation and encouraging for me. I thought I would pass the encouragement onto to you. I am grateful we do not operate as solo entities in ministry, but as a team. I am thankful for all the work that this team does together.
Please pray for the following events:

Life, the Universe and August...

What an exciting August we have ahead of us!

An Australian first, Prof Krauss and Dr William Lane Craig grapple with cosmic questions at the Sydney Town Hall...

At lunch Bioethicist Dr Megan Best grapples with the ethics of abortion, and Al Stewart answers your questions about suffering...

And Sydney-siders can decide if there is Reason for God, and if they'd like to invest their time in ministry.

Life, the Universe and Nothing was amazing!

An Australian first, Prof Lawrence Krauss and Dr William Lane Craig discussed Why is there something rather than nothing?, moderated by ABC broadcaster Dr Rachael Kohn.

2000 people came along, agnostics, atheists, Christians and many more backgrounds. There was be live Q&A and great discussion. Dr Craig did a good job of presenting the Christian worldview.

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Special lunch talks with Dr Megan Best and Al Stewart

Last week, Dr Megan Best sensitively address the topic of abortion. In Fearfully and wonderfully made, she explained the biology of the unborn human and examine the conflicting tensions between screening out abnormalities and seeking cures. And as a Christian, Megan evaluated our current practices against the Bible's teaching on the unborn.

Read more about Megan Best...

This week, Al Stewart will address your tricky questions in an extended Q&A on suffering: What to do when life is hard.

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The Reason for God

Following on after the debates and discussions, we currently have over 70 people interested in coming to this evangelistic event, The Reason for God.

Have you ever asked yourself or been asked these questions:

Isn't the Bible a myth? Hasn't science disproved God? How can you say there is only one way to God? And why does He allow suffering?

We're running two 6-week series of the DVD based The Reason for God sessions in the city, grappling with these and other common questions about Christianity.

The Big Investment: considering ministry?

Are you a young worker? Have you been thinking about investing your time and talents in ministry?

You are invited to The Big Investment, a special evening with Al Stewart, Peter Kaldor, Russ Matthews and others who will share their insights on part-time or full-time ministry in the CBD.

Thanks to you all and goodonya for making it through this update!
It is a busy month and we appreciate your prayer. More about the family on our Facebook site, Matthews Down Under.
The adventure continues...
Russ, Cathy, Hope, Becca, Joshua & Caroline