I think I need a Bible...

At our weekly group at Westpac, we have been going through a four week evangelistic Bible study called Investigating Christianity. Through the course we answer the questions: Who is God? Who is man? Who is Jesus? & How can you be right with God? The team had been quite excited about the number of guests that had come along to the course. Many of the g'enquirers' were engaging in the Bible discussion for the first time. It is always encouraging to see Christians getting excited about evangelism. After completing the course, we began a new series called Authentic Spirituality: How to follow Jesus without being religious.

Stephanie has been coming to both courses, she is an 'enquirer' and very engaged in the discussions on the Bible. At the end of the first session of the second course, she turns to me and says, 'You know, I think I need a Bible. Can you get me one?' The person who had been inviting her to come along was beaming with excitement and trying to contain himself. I said, 'I think I could find you one.' Then Steph commenced to pick up all of our flyers for the upcoming events in the city and said,'I think I would like to get along to these, too.' Her friend said, ' I will go with you.'

This is just one of the many stories of the work in the city. Seeing people interested and engaged in the Bible. people from various backgrounds engaging in the Bible for the first time and some coming to Christ.  It takes time and we have to 'earn the right' to share the Gospel with them. This is done through prayer, diligence & building relationships with people. Please pray for Steph and others who will be coming to the various events this year.

Life, the Universe and Nothing - Krauss and Lane Craig in August

In August City Bible Forum hosts eminent cosmologist and theoretical physicist ProfLawrence Krauss and theologian, philosopher and Christian apologist Dr William Lane Craig.

These two high profile international speakers will discuss the VERY big issues of Life, the Universe and Nothing over three conversations:

7 August - Brisbane: Has science buried God?

13 August - Sydney: Why is there something rather than nothing?

16 August - Melbourne: Is it reasonable to believe in God?

Tickets go on sale very soon. In the meantime, check out the event website and contribute to the conversation on Facebook.

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Short course for the curious

Led by Ian Powell, this Short Course provides the opportunity to review Jesus' teachings, look at original documents, and ask your own questions about Jesus' claims.

Commencing Wednesday 24 July, the 4-week Short course for the curious meets Wednesday evenings 6:00pm for 6:15-8:00pmat 580 George Street, Sydney.

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Upcoming Forum: Australia - The happiest place on earth? 31 July /1 August

Australia has taken the top spot on the OECD Better Life Index as the happiest country on earth for the third year running, ahead of 35 other OECD countries. As Australians, this should make us happy. But why are we seeing an increase in the number of Aussies being treated for depression? Why do 1 in 3 of us work over time?

How do you define happiness? Are we happy? What leads to lasting happiness?

Come and bring your questions to The Forum, as panellists Mark McCrindle (social demographer and analyst), Thubten Chockyi and Ross Gittins ask if Australia is indeed the "Happiest Place on Earth".

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Conclusion to the  Secret Hollywood Forums

This has been a great series at City Bible Forum for the month of July.

Utilising the interest in film to communicate a Gospel message. Our panellists have been fantastic to work with and we look forward to doing this type of event next year. Please pray for the conclusion on 24 July.

Here is the video link to the latest Forum, Hollywood's greatest villains and why we love them.  I had the privilege of being the moderator that day.

 Rouse Hill Bible ChurchWe are thrilled with the move to our new church Rouse Hill Bible Church. We recently had a young adults event in our home and had a great time getting to know the church family. It is only 10 minutes from our home and we have been able to invite many to the church.

Pray for us as we look to see how we can assist with this young church and work alongside Pastor Ben Kwok and the team. Seeing how we can reach more people for Christ in our area.

Russ will be preaching through Revelation with Pastor Ben this year.

Winning the Cities newsletter available online

Would you like to know what City Bible Forum has been up to nationally?

Our latest National Newsletter is available on the City Bible Forum web site on the Support Us page. In this issue we address what we've been doing to engage city workers with the good news of Jesus in the first half of 2013 in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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Thank you for your prayers and support.The adventure continues...Russ, Cathy, Rebecca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline