City Bible Forum in March

We wanted to send you an update of things to be praying for in March 2013. 13/14 March 

The FORUM - On the 7th day... God unplugged

What is the role of technology in a healthy life? How can we rest when we're always online?

The Forum invites you to set your mobile to silent, to come ready to text us your questions, and explore the impact of technology in our busy lives.

20/21 March

Is the Bible trustworthy?

In Depth discussion with Dr Greg Clarke

Dr Greg Clarke is the CEO of the Bible Society of Australia. He will look at the topic that intrigues and confounds many Australian during this season of Easter.

27/28 March

 City Bible Forum - The Resurrection: Fact or Fiction? 

Extended Q&A session with Ian Powell

All details will be on


Think Big event

Thank you for your prayers in regards to the Think Big event on success.

The talk was well received and we had a good crowd at the event.


The adventures continues...

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