Now that is real football! The season begins

AFL season begins Even though we  were thrilled the Ravens won the Super Bowl (three of our kids were born in Baltimore and Cathy is from Maryland). We are even more excited about the beginning of Australian Rules Football soon beginning. Josh will be playing again this year. This will be his 5th year of AFL.

Watch the promotional clips, it is a bit different than NFL. AFL promo: dont click if you are squeamish ;)

Different country, different rules. Same applies to doing missions.

Pray we are able to be light for the Lord amongst the players and their families in 2013.

When we come back to our churches in 2014, we would love to teach the youth groups this great game. Of course, not the tackle version. Come on, Americans need pads to play football. we will go soft on you all. This is Australia, mate!

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