Day 5 update for 2013: Seven years and we look forward to the rest of our days in Australia

It has been seven years since we arrived in Australia. We have had good days and challenging days. Yet, we see this as our home. I look out my window and see the palm and gumtrees, I hear the Kookaburas and Cockatoos and I see and smell the season as it is transitioning to autumn from summer. We forget that we have a different accent, because we consider ourselves Australian. It is very different than the life in Iowa or Maryland, but it is amazing how the Lord has made this feel, look, smell and sound like home.

The work is hard, but all work for the Gospel will experience hardship. We experience resistance everyday, but there is always an underlying hope. Sometimes, as ministry workers, we go through the thought process of 'no one understands our difficulties', then we turn around and realise that the Lord has equipped and designed us to fit into this atmosphere. If anyone understands our difficulties, it is Jesus and that soothes the soul.

We hope that the few people that  read these updates can celebrate with us. Celebrating that the Lord has placed us here for just such a time as this. A time to do His work, in His timing and in His manner. The fruit and results are in His hands. We are here to do His work, as long as He sees fit. We pray that is for the rest of our days and those days will all be for His glory.

Thanks for partnering in prayer and financial support in this journey... this adventure.

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline

(This will be the last of the daily updates this month, we will continue the monthly updates throughout 2013)