Daily Update 4 - Bible Study Fellowship & City Bible Forum

BSF: Bible Study Fellowship Cathy will be one of the children's leaders at Bible Study Fellowship this year. In the past few years, this has become one of the most rewarding ministry opportunities for Cathy. She has been involved in leading in the children's ministry, develop key relationships with the women in the community and grow in the Word.

This ministry has been a blessing on many levels for Cathy. Evangelism, Discipleship and personal growth in the Word.

This year they will be going through the book of Genesis.

City Bible Forum

 This year we will continue with the evangelistic talks at our weekly meetings. We have started off the year with good attendance and many new people coming along each week.
We are working through the book of Mark this year. We will break it up into 5-6 week blocks between some of our other events. So, each block will look to be a stand alone project, but will follow the outline of Mark's Gospel.
Example: this first sereis is Ok God... What do you want with me?
February 6 / 7 Ok God... are you there and do you care?
February 13 / 14 Ok God... what is the plan and where is it taking me?
February 20 / 21 Ok God... what's the number one priority in my life?
February 27 / 28 Ok God... what do I need most in my life?
March 6 / 7 Ok God... but why is religion so often ugly?