2013 Daily update 2: On the 7th Day... God Unplugged

The Forum: 13/14 March 2013 What would happen to you if you lost your mobile phone? Has technology made our culture more productive or have we lost the ability to unplug? Could you give up social networking for a month, a week or even a day? Are we more social or less social with social networking? Does God need a URL for us to consider Him?

Panellists: Justine Toh, Karina Keisler and Dr Graham Barker

City Bible Forum will be looking at one of the key discussion points in modern culture. Technology and rest, do we need to unplug or how can we unplug? Leading up to the the discussion on Jesus, Lord of the Sabbath, we will look at this topic that has people falling out on both sides of the discussion.

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