Visits, leadership, a move and 2013

Coming to this end of the year It is a beautiful spring in Sydney. The year is coming to a close, but this is when things seem to ramp up with activity. We try to plan for it, but November comes around every year and we seem to find ourselves in a new level of busyness. It has been a great year of ministry and the opportunities do not stop during this season.

We will have visits from family and work colleagues from the US over the next few months. It is always a great time to celebrate the work that is being done here and to share our lives with those who pray and support us.

This will limit some of our communication over the coming months. Our next update will be towards the end of December.

Changes at ABWE

We are experiencing an exciting time in ABWE Australia's history. Our Field Coordinator, Steve Mayo, has been promoted to new position within our region. A much deserved promotion for Steve and it leaves our team with inevitable changes. We will be introducing a new Field coordinator and it will change the structure of our region and the influence our team will have on this area of the world for mission. Pray for wisdom and unity within the team at this time.

A move

Why not add one of the biggest stresses of life into the mix?

As many know, our finances have been a challenge this year. The Lord has provided in a multitude of ways and we have had some of our supporters get behind the ministry with financial considerations. One opportunity presented to us was to move to a different house that will lower our housing costs. It is within a few minutes of where we are now, but the move will be within a month. Pray for us as we move into our new home in November. We will send the details and address out soon.

Planning for 2013

This is the time of year we begin to put the final touches on the programme for 2013. We are looking forward to many of the new things going on in 2013 in regard to church, city ministry and evangelism for 2013. Please pray for our organisation and wisdom in getting an effective programme that will glorify the Lord and introduce Christ to many in Australia.


Thank you for for the church and supporters who have increased the support of the ministry in Australia. Please pray for our churches to consider a cost of living increase of 5% on our current support levels. If all churches would be willing to do this increase we would be at 100% of our monthly support. This request is similar to any worker who requests a cost of living increase for the year. Thank you for the prayers and consideration.

Prayer points: - next series at City Bible Forum: 5 truths that will transform your life - visits from ABWE team members and family in the coming weeks - planning for 2013 - leadership changes at ABWE Australia - Becca and Hope graduate in December (end of the school year in Australia)