In the news--- London, God & 1 Corinthians

What is in the news in Sydney?

  1. Our politicians are fighting over the budget.
  2. We have more football than we know what to do with in Australia. Three different codes: Australian Rules, Rugby League and Rugby Union.
  3. The mining industry is driving our economy.
  4. The Voice (Australian version) is the number one show on television.
  5. Immigration is huge on the agenda. Boat people wanting to get into the country.
  6. Our hospitals seem to be in turmoil due to lack of funds from the government (Public healthcare is not the Utopian society it tends to gets marketed as being).
  7. The current government is not too popular due to  taxes they have introduced this year and the politicians are not popular either... because they are politicians. They seem confused by the peoples response to these taxes. (Hmmm... what is a carbon tax?)
  8. The difficulties in the EU, Greece and Spain, loom large over the interpretation of our own economy.
  9. Our nation struggles to determine where our loyalties lie.  Our historical partners of England and the US or with our number one trading partner, China.
  10. Not to mention daily topics in the news: gay marriage, climate change, obesity, if we want to go see Prometheus or why anyone would like Lady Gaga.

Some things are more important than others, but all seem to permeate the news.

God even gets a mention in the news. One of our infamous columnists for the Sydney Morning Herald, Peter FitzSimons (One of our former panellists for The Forum ), wrote this today.

"Some wanted to know why I don't say (negative or defamatory comments) about the Islamic god, Allah? The answer is, I thought it went without saying! All religions have some version of this magic man watching us, being good to us if we obey his representatives on Earth - the priests, mullahs, rabbis, etc - and beastly if we don't. And they are all equally transparent nonsense, without a shred of evidence to support them. (Though, I must say, I think Scientology and Mormonism - one too many m's? - are probably the record-holders for having achieved new heights of completely transparent nonsense.)" 

Read more: Peter's Magic Man column 

This view on God can be seen throughout Sydney. Peter is a voice for a small atheistic segment of our society, yet he is one of the most influential columnists in Sydney. His views on God are similar to many that we contend with in the city and around the country.  Pray as we continue to  communicate the truth of the Bible and Jesus. Namely it is not about a religion, but the truth of God. We are currently enjoying a series, Real Spirituality with Ian Powell. Ian is speaking on the unique spiritual views of Jesus in the gospel of John.

London Calling: Probably one of the biggest topics in Sydney would be the Olympics in London. It is happening on the other side of the world and at a different time. Yet, we are a sport driven nation. Especially for the Olympics. So we are having an Olympic themed Forum in July. London's Calling – what does it take to perform? We have former Olympians and football stars on this panel. They are all Christians and will share their experiences in athletic performance and how Christ has had an impact on their lives.

Local news: On a smaller scale, I am currently working through the book of 1 Corinthians at Glorious Hope Baptist Church. We will be in chapter 4 this coming week. Pray for our church as we look at a challenging book of the Bible and how we can learn to be better servants in our church and for God.

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Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

The adventure continues...

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline