Upcoming events - Please Pray

I received this email from the team leader for the event where I will be speaking Tuesday and next week. Please pray for me to speck clearly and the Lord would be glorified. Also for the logistics for the events. Last year it felt full with 30+ people in the room. Dear Russ,

Thanks for your prayers and we prayed for you today at our ministry team meeting, as well as in our personal prayer time 

It is with joy and anticipation that I can let you know that we are expecting around 45-50 people tomorrow. We are a bit concerned about how we can fit everyone into the new room that we have booked. We plan to remove the tables from the room and see how many chairs we can fit in. 

For the 275 Kent St talk next week (Next Tuesdays talk), we have about 30 acceptances so far. 

The most encouraging thing about all this is that of all those who have RSVPd, there are about 30 non Christians which is great. Now, I understand what we have been experiencing persecution because of these events, but we will keep moving forward and trusting the Lord. 

I hope you are excited about  this and not too nervous!  See you tomorrow 



To all our supports, please pray.

Thanks for your prayers and support,