Prayer and Australian spelling

Thanks to all of our supporters, Prayers: May is turning out to being a very busy month. Can we ask for your prayers?

Shadow Days Talks @ Westpac, Speaking at various churches, Speaking at Australian Christian College, Pamper Day, decisions on the car and our finances

Spelling: We have had a few questions about the spelling on our website over the years. We find a few mistakes periodically, but the majority that might seem strange would be due to Australian spelling. Living in Australia, going on seven years, our spelling and our computers spelling only utilises Australian spelling. It is different in someways to American spelling, but thankfully it is still English and easy to discern for the reader. Our supporters should desire for us to acclimate to the culture and this is an inevitable change.

A blockade to us effectively communicating the Bible and the Gospel to people in Australia is the over use of American material. Some material is okay, but people want to get their information in a manner that is familiar to them. Naturally we would want to reach the people of this nation and the best way is with the language of the nation. Hope this explains the spelling differences.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

The adventure continues,

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline