Shadow Days, Pamper day and Euthanasia

It is an exciting and busy season in Sydney. Thank you for your prayers and support. We have sent out many requests for prayer over the last few months and we wanted to update you on them and other things going on in Sydney. 1) The Forum - Life & Death & Who Decides? We will be having a panel on euthanasia. Should it be legal, how should our society respond to suffering and ageing? We have invited some of the leading minds on both side of the topic coming in to discuss this topic. We will cut to the heart of the philosophical and practical matters that are driving the debate. More details are on City Bible Forum/Theforum

We will follow up this Forum with a series on Origins: The Flawed Masterpiece. Al Stewart will show how Genesis answers the big questions of life. Is there a purpose to the universe? Why are we here? Does god want us to enjoy life? If the world is good, what seems to have gone wrong?

In 2011, we started doing large public panel / forums on key topics in the city. Examining current topics calmly without the media hype. Bringing in people with differing positions and discussing the implications of the topic on our society. Allowing the audience to participate in the discussion through questions and answers. After 'The Forum' we would follow with a four to six week series on the Biblical position on the topic. The last Forum was great...'Would Jesus go to the (gay) Mardi Gras?' if you would like to see the videos click on this link. The Forum or videos of 2011

2) Mission during the 'Global Atheist Conference'

In April 2012, some of the worlds leading authors and expositors of Atheism will be in Australia. Richard Dawkins, etc. Our team will be participating in events, evangelism and debates that will be going on at the conference and will be doing outreach. The Mission went very well, better than we could have expected. All discussion forums and talks were full to capacity. Also, the debates went exceptionally well.

3) Evangelistic Talk - Shadow Days - A few months back I was asked to do an evangelistic talk at Westpac. Recently they  went through layoffs of close to 1500 people and the atmosphere has had a Shadow Days feel to it. I will be working through the first portion of the story of the blind man in John 9.

4) Pamper Day at Glorious Hope Baptist Church - Our church meets in an economically & spiritually challenged area of Sydney. Most of the women in the area live hard and fearful  lives. To be treated with respect and love is a rare thing in many of the lives of these ladies. On Saturday 5 May; Glorious Hope Baptist Church will hold our fifth annual Pamper Day for the ladies of the community around our church. Women of all races, faiths, economic and social backgrounds have been invited for a day of hand & foot massages, makeovers and haircuts. Also, included in the day were a delightful morning tea, a delicious lunch and a gift bag. Our good friend Kelsey Wilson from International Teams will share about her ministry of outreach in the brothels of Sydney. Winning souls for Christ and helping women out of this horrible industry and slavery.

All the ladies of the church are encouraged every year by the opportunity to touch and pray with women of our church community in a unique way. Touching many women that this world considers untouchable.  Blessed by the opportunity to be the hands and feet of our Saviour, Jesus.

5) Great visit from a good friend - We want to say a special thanks to Lisa Pedersen for coming to visit us. She was able to see many of the various components of our ministry and our lives in Australia. Lisa was a blessing to our family, friends and church. Thank you to Saylorville Baptist Church for giving her the time off to come. We hope to see her back soon!

6) Ministry vehicle: Thank you to those who have responded to our needs for vehicle replacement. Our current van is getting to point of needing replacement or minimising its usage. We had to sell the Honda for part, our mechanic told us it was too dangerous to drive and it would have cost too much to repair.  We have been given some very generous donations for the car and we will strive to find something that will work with the funds that have been sent. Any further donations would be appreciated.

Thank you for reading through these details and praying for all of these projects. Please pray for all of the Lord to be glorified through all of these events.

The adventure continues,

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline


To support any of these projects, you can send your donations to ABWE and enter Matthews City Ministry or Car and number 0132363.