The Forum, Mission to the Atheists & a car (psst... 6 years in Australia & 20th wedding anniversary)

Every year we have people ask us about our ministry in Australia. How we do  ministry in the city and how we are funded. It is a fair question and our opportunity to share that the City Bible Forum is supported by individuals who give generously to the Lord's work. Our family costs are supported through churches and individuals in the US and Australia. Yet, the actual cost of City Bible Forum is covered by the donations of many of our ministry partners in the cities of Australia.

Once I explain this to most people the next two question tend to be, 'Are there any projects that need specific support and how can we help?'

Here are three key projects for 2012 that you could help us with this year. Two of them are ministry costs and one is a personal request.

1) The Forum - In 2011, we started doing large public panel / forums on key topics in the city. Examining current topics calmly without the media hype. Bringing in people with differing positions and discussing the implications of the topic on our society. Allowing the audience to participate in the discussion through questions and answers. After 'The Forum' we would follow with a four to six week series on the Biblical position on the topic. Example: 'Crossing Over: Is the anything after this life?' if you would like to see the videos click on this link. The Forum or videos of 2011

We will continue 'The Forum' in 2012. We have been able to get prominent people to participate in these engaging events. The costs are in regards to travel for the speakers and audio and visual costs. We are asking for assistance to off-set the costs of these Forums.

Annual Cost: $15000

2) Mission during the 'Global Atheist Conference'

In April 2012, some of the worlds leading authors and expositors of Atheism will be in Australia. Richard Dawkins, etc. Our team will be participating in events, evangelism and debates that will be going on at the conference and will be doing outreach. We have been the front runners in mobilising Christians to do outreach during the Global Atheist Conference. Cost will involve venue hire, material production and housing costs. We are asking for funds to off set these costs.

Cost for mission: $10000

3) Ministry vehicle: we are asking our supporters to consider assisting us with replacing our current ministry vehicle. Our current van is getting to point of needing replacement or minimising its usage. Also, we have been given a 1988 Honda Civic to supplement our travel needs, but it is older and in need of replacement.  We are asking for assistance in replacing these vehicles.

Needed funds for vehicle: $5000

Note: Our family does not do a financial appeal monthly, we strive to keep it to special occurrences and a twice a year update for your information.

Thank you for reading through these details and prayerfully considering supporting one if not all of these projects. Please pray for all of the Lord to be glorified through all of these events.

To support any of these projects, you can send your donations to ABWE and enter Matthews City Ministry or Car and number 0132363.

Personal note: We just wanted to celebrate with all of you. We have officially been in Australia for 6 years and Cathy & I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on 21 March. It has been an amazing ride together and we look forward to all of the years the Lord has to offer us. Thanks for being part of these six years in Oz and 20 years as a couple.

The adventure continues,

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline