How a car can stretch your faith

Thanks for those who have responded to our last update with prayers and financial support. One of the requests was  for assistance with a ministry vehicle.  We asked our supporters to consider assisting us with replacing our current ministry vehicle. Our current van is getting to point of needing replacement or minimising its usage. Also, we have been given a 1988 Gold Honda Civic to supplement our travel needs, but it is older and in need of replacement.  We were asking for assistance in replacing these vehicles.

A friend donated the 1988 Honda (Old Goldy) to us. What a generous gift. We did not have to pay much for it over the six months we had it. Today we took it for it to be registered in New South Wales. The mechanic called today to tell that the vehicle is not road worthy. He started listing off the problems and stopped after the cost exceeded $4000.

It is hard to tell teenagers that the car that they were learning to drive in, it will have to go away. Yet, 2011 and 2012 have been years where the Lord has provided mightily for our needs. Many times in a 'Just in Time' manner.

So, we have been blessed by the Honda this year and we are sad to see it go. Also, we know the Lord will provide for us, He always does.

Faith does have evidence. It is not a blind faith, but one that is backed by the evidence that God does provide. Most importantly, He is there for us to believe in for salvation through His Son.

R.I.P. Old Goldy!