Sydney Opera House, Blue Mountains... seen it, done it, been there (Christmas in Sydney)

Most weeks, due to the work in the city I get to ride the train past the Sydney Opera House. Also, each night on the train ride home from the city, I get an amazing view of the sunset coming over the Blue Mountains. Both are amazing sights and many people would love to experience them. I will admit, most of the time,  I still get overwhelmed by the experience. One of the perks of serving in Sydney. Yet, on any given day I can not even look up from work or a book to take notice these two Australian marvels. Familiarity can cause you to take things for granted. Seen it, done it, been there. As pastors and teachers teach through the Luke account of Jesus' birth this weekend, I wonder how many people begin to do the 'seen it, done it, been there' experience. We get wrapped around everything else this season and lose sight of the true meaning of the season. I recently preached through Luke 2:22-35. Forty days after Jesus' birth,  Mary and Joseph run into a man named Simeon. A man who had been promised to see the Messiah prior to his own death. Now, in the temple Simeon not only sees the Messiah, but gets to hold Jesus in hands. What does Simeon do? Sings. Not what most men think would be the response of the most significant thing in a man's life. But I cannot imagine it was the singing you would see on Glee, with all the right wardrobe and choreography. No, I would like to think this is the singing you see in the eyes of those who have experienced a win by their favourite football team. Or of a child getting the ultimate gift at Christmas. Simeon is singing from a position of the anticipation and emotion that comes from seeing the promises of God fulfilled in your life.

Take the time to read through this portion of scripture and see, maybe for the first time, the fulfillment of the promises to a man, a nation and to all mankind. The gift of eternal life that could only be found in His Son, Jesus. 

So, mate, break out in song and celebrate the entrance of the King into this world. It is all good, God did it for you, too!

Thanks for your prayers:

  1. Josh's knee has healed well and has been given the okay to participate in sport.
  2. City Bible Forum finished well this year. Exciting year with the panel discussions this year. We had the opportunity to introduce the Gospel to so many who had not heard it before. Please pray for our preparations for 2012. Check out the videos.
  3. Plans for 2012, Glorious Baptist Church have gone well and we are looking forward to seeing what the Lord will do through the church this year.
  4. I will be speaking at a Family camp in January, could use your prayers for the preparation.
We want to thank you all for your support and prayers throughout 2011. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.
Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline