First Family Mission Team (Thank you) - You cannot tell everthing by the numbers, but...

We have been blessed by the team from First Family Church. They came willing to participate in any and all things we do in Sydney.  It has been planned for over a year and a month prior to their arrival, they closed the main train line to our part of the city, so transport became an issue. Yet the team and the family persevered.

You cannot tell everything by the numbers, but it is pretty amazing to see all that the team has been able to be part of in just 13 days. When you come to Sydney, it is not a typical mission field. No building projects (Due to strict building regulations, etc.), just straight forward people work. You would think that would be easier, but it was not the case. I think the team will go home tomorrow pretty tired, but excited about what the Lord is doing here to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A mission here is 'hold on and get ready for an exciting ride!' (It ain't for the faint hearted.)

28 Train rides, 11 bus rides, 2 international, plane rides, 2 ferry rides, and a Rivercat ride

6 City Bible Forums

2 Afterwork Bible studies

4 Lunch time Bible Studies

3 Firehouse tours - Yup. Even Firehouse 1 in Sydney (Luke is a firefighter)

2 Evangelism Training sessions

A church service, a Young adult picnic / talk , a Young City Workers Evangelistic Talk (20 attendees) and a Walk- up Evangelism session

The Smith Lecture (178 attendees - 1/2 non-believers)

10+ one-one mobilising /evangelistic meetings

2 BBQs

2 Kids Clubs

1 Scripture class

A Lebanese meal, Lebanese pizza, a Vietnamese meal with noodles, a Thai dinner, Fish & Chips, Meat pies, Sausage Rolls & Pavlova

2 beaches and a scuba diving adventure

1 1982 Honda Civic

Fed kangaroos, petted a koala and saw a huge crocodile

1 trip to Chinatown

Too many coffees to count

One God, One Faith, One Saviour

Key stories: Alex,Vince,‘the bus rides’, bus stop parking, CBF, Smith Lecture, Street evangelism conversations, Rugby League v Rugby Union

Thank you for this incredible team of people. Your dedication, flexibility and willingness to go out of your comfort zone was a blessing and we will have many stories to come of the Lord working in the lives of the people of Australia.

To our supporters, family and friends, if you have the opportunity, look to see when they will be doing their presentation at First Family Church in Ankeny and come along.

Our mission field and style of mission is not easy and not for everyone, but this team was exceptional and we are grateful for their work in Sydney!