Australian Theology - Caroline style

There is no greater joy as the parents of missionary kids. The day when they get accustomed to the country we now call  home. Especially when the culture and theology come together. We hope that this is so the kids can reach more kids for Christ!

Back story: Caroline has come to enjoy having a meat pie for breakfast or lunch regularly. It is truly an Australian food and she loves them. Yummy.

So, while she was in Sunday School the other day, the teacher was teaching the kids a rhyme. It was to help them to remember the 10 plagues in Egypt in the book of Exodus. 

Here is how it went...


Water to blood

Frogs in the mud

Gnats and flies

Livestock dies


...and they are they are made into pies!

You have to love it when theology, culture and the mind of a child come together.

Well done,Caroline. Praise God.