“I do not own a Bible, but would like one..."

“I do not own a Bible, but would like one... how do I even begin to read it?” This is how the discussion group went at Afterwork a few weeks ago. One of the young ladies who came to our Introducing God course. Was very keen to engage in the discussion about the Bible, but did not have any history of it in her life.

It made for an fascinating conversation of walking through the basics of the Bible, Jesus and how she could know God. We want to ask for prayers for her and many other non-believers who come to our courses every week.

Upcoming events:

  • “How was your review?” - Workers get reviewed each year in their jobs, but what would you say if someone was to review your life? How about if the review was based on one issue, one person and how you responded to Him? Russ will be giving a talk to young workers on the topic of judgement. God's judgement. Timothy Keller describes this topic as "...the most despised topic to those outside of Christianity." Please pray that all of the young workers will bring along friends and co-workers to hear a straight talk of judgement of God and life.
  • Introducing God (Afterwork) - We are into our third week of the IG course. We have many enquirers coming each week. Please pray that in the discussion groups people will see the opportunity to ask their questions and see the need to be Introduced to God.
  • Two Ways to Live - Russ is currently working through evangelism training with a group in the city. It is a great course that gives people the ability to explain the big points of the Bible in a short presentation. It is rather intensive with memorising and practical application, pray that the participants will be willing to go through the work and develop their skills in sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Authentic Spirituality (How to be a follower of Christ without being religious)- We are in the middle of a course that explains what the basic beliefs of being a Christian. It has attracted a fascinating mix of people from various backgrounds and more keep coming each week. Pray for Christians to gain a clear view of their faith. Also, for those who are not followers of Christ would see that Christianity is not a religion or another list of do’s and don’ts, but lifestyle that is centered on this person, Jesus.
  • Party in the Barn - Next Friday our youth group from Glorious Hope Baptist will be coming out to the ‘Barn’. (Our new garage is rather large!) We will be having games, food and watching Soul Surfer. Good end of winter bash. (Remember it is winter down here!) Please pray for the presentation of the gospel and for the night be be a great time for the kids to understand that their lives have more value than XBOX and Facebook. It is looking to be a good turn out, pray the Lord is glorified in it all.
  • FFC team - We are excited to have a team coming from First Family Church in Ankeny in October. Pray for the preparation and opportunities for ministry and experiencing the culture. Pray for the team as they are raising funds for the trip. Also, we are running into transportation issues due to track work in October. Pray for an additional car to assist with transport.
  • Car- We are looking to purchase a smaller support vehicle for the ministry. The cost for a small used vehicle would be approximately $8000.

Family update: Cathy has started in a new Bible Study called BSF and is enjoying a Book Reading group each month with ladies in the community. Hope and Becca are taking driving lessons and doing well at their job at Subway. Josh is completing his AFL season (They will be in the semi-finals next week; Quakers Hill Bombers v Rooty Hill Power) and looking ahead to Little Athletics (track and field) in the spring. Finally, Caroline is loving her violin lessons and looking forward to Little Athletics and going to the beach soon.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

The adventure continues...

Russ, Cathy, Hope, Becca, Joshua & Caroline

How can you help? If you are able to assist with any of the financial needs we would appreciate your contribution. You can go to the ABWE website and either give one-off or become a monthly supporter. Also,  you can send cheques to ABWE or Saylorville Baptist Church for one-off gifts. If you would like to contribute to the vehicle, merely mark on your contribution O&P funds for Matthews vehicle. Please do not send cash and cheques to us. We have to send cheques back to the US to be processed and it is too risky to send cash in the post. Thanks.