Prayer, Billboards and who is this Jesus?

Sitting here on an early winter day in June, looking out on a cool and rainy day in our new home in Riverstone. We live a bit closer to the Blue Mountains now. Some great sunsets, but a bit cooler in the evenings. It is about the same commute into the city for me, but a short drive to get the kids to school. the girls have started new jobs at Subway and Josh plays AFL for the Quakers Hill Bombers. We just finished the long weekend (Queen's Birthday weekend) and we all got sick, but things are looking good for the coming month in ministry. It is a big week for sport in Australia, for those who remember from our visit last year. One of the big games is coming this week, ORIGIN football in NRL. The city is ready for some great football this week. Also, in the city this week, two billboard campaigns started and it has made for some excitement on the ministry side of things too.

Here is an update with some of the things that have been going on in Sydney and answers to many of your prayers.

Recent events:

John Series: We are currently into the last week of our 'Seeing God Clearly: John Series' at Glorious Hope Baptist. It has been a good series, many new visitors and some refreshment for our head pastor, Sam.

Sydney Prayer Breakfast: Over 570 people came to the Westin Hotel for the Sydney Prayer Breakfast. This was a new initiative that started last year in Sydney. Christians coming together in the city to pray for the city. We had the speaker, Mark Scott - Head of ABC (Australia's PBS) give the main talk. There is nothing quite like hearing 570 voices praying for the needs of the city and for the salvation of the people who live here. To see more images and video coverage go to

Upcoming events

Billboard campaign: A local Muslim group has had a billboard campaign recently that has proclaimed that Jesus is a prophet of Islam (My So, in an effort to graciously and directly answer their campaign, Ian Powell (Our primary speaker at City Bible Forum) was able to get a group started called Aussie Christians ( They answered this issue with an invitation to 'chat' about this issue. Along with this we have coordinated a few panels and debates to go along with the discussion between the groups. The goal is evangelistic and an opportunity to educate people on the issues and differences between the different religions. We have the head My Peace and a leading atheist coming in to discuss the topic  'Religion & Extremism: Debatable or Inevitable?' Please pray for these events on 29/30 June.

Who is this Jesus? On 1 July, Russ will be speaking at a large rally for youth. He will be discussing the issue of 'Who is this Jesus?' Looking at the big idea of Jesus as God and ultimately being man. Pray for a well received message and good attendance.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support.

The adventure continues...

Russ, Cathy, Becca, Hope, Joshua and Caroline