Panel + Series, School, Youth & House

Hello from Down Under, Thanks for your prayers and questions about our various ministries & our life in Australia. It has been a busy couple of weeks in Sydney and we wanted to get you up to speed on all that is happening.

Panel + Series: At City Bible Forum we have looked at trying a new format for our talk series each week.

Format: Each month the Forum would begin with a Talking Point issue. We would have a panel of 3-4 ‘experts’ on the various topics. Then from the panel, the following weeks would be a series answering many of the discussion points from a Biblical perspective.

Imagine series: Panel discussion would utilise the lyrics from the John Lennon song and discuss the idea Imagine there was no religion- would we be better off? Then Al Stewart would do a series for three weeks on the Biblical perspective of these implications based in the New Testament. Our panelists are Dr. John Dickson (Biblical historian), Jane Caro (Writer/Atheist) , Dr Tanveer Ahmed (Writer /Clinical Psychiatrist), Simon Smart (Director of the Centre for Public Christianity) & Antony Leowenstein (Jewish- Atheist / Writer). Find out more on our website: City Bible Forum

Results: We had both panel discussions and it was exciting to see rooms with standing room only and an approximate attendance of 300 people. All of the details can be seen on our Facebook page City Bible Forum, Sydney. If you would like to dialogue with our panelists on the topics, please write in on the Discussion boards. You will have pictures, audio, and discussions on Facebook site, video of the events should be added after Wednesday.

School: The kids started their school year (Our school year starts in January, at the end of our summer) at the Australian Christian College (College is the name for primary & high school in Australia). There are many changes and challenges going from home schooling, but they are adapting to the home work and classroom setting. They enjoy the school, their new friends, sport and many of their teachers. Pray that their transition goes well and they continue to serve our Lord and Savour in all they are doing.

Youth: Glorious Hope Baptist hired a new youth pastor this year, Rubin Noel. The kids are excited about his leadership and input. He looks to be a good addition to our church family. Pray for him as he teaches through James this term.

House: We are looking to find a house closer to the school and on a train line. Pray we can find the ideal house for us to serve in ministry and will be closer to the school.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support.

The adventure continues...

The Matthews Family