An amazing end to a busy week

It had been a busy week. Meetings, Awana presentations, various church presentations, passports for the kids and we were all a bit weary. We had a good morning at one of our supporting churches. In the afternoon I called one of our supporters to find out the result of a church vote, specifically on supporting our ministry. After a bit of catching up, my friend told me that the church decided not to support us at this time, but asked how much more support we needed to raise. I gave him the number and he said, "That is the number our family has been praying to support you. So relax, your done." After I picked my jaw up off the ground. I was a bit shocked and overwhelmed. Then after clarifying it at least 3 times, that it was no joke. I am happy to announce, with praise to the Lord & thanks to our supporters, we have 100% commitment for all of our monthly support needs. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

A bit more to come:

Our family still has three more church presentations to do and three more weeks left of this adventure of furlough. We could use your prayers for strength, direction & continued enthusiasm. What a privilege to present the Lord's work each week.

We are also looking to raise the funds for specific projects for the ministry. Here are the projects, see if you would be willing to assist with the support of any of these ventures.

Projects to work on & prayer requests:

-Funds for 3 new laptop computers  - Our computers need an upgrade to keep up with the demand of the city ministry          (Approx. cost - $800 -1000 per computer)

- Assistance with shipping of 2 donated, rebuilt desk top computers for city ministry ($350/computer - we have a portion of this raised)

- Funds for 1 new laptop & 1 new desktop for family needs - Ours are in need of replacing at home

- Funds for a small vehicle to assist in travel needs for future ministry. (ex. Toyota Corrolla)

-Direction and funding with church plant in Sydney; we have the opportunity for new church plants in 2011 - Our goal is to raise $5000 or more for this fund.

-Funds for furlough - This venture has been a bit more costly than we realised

That is it for now. Thank you for your prayers and support. We hope to see you at the churches.

If you will not see us at the churches, here is how you can support us monthly or with a one time gift.

It is easy as 1-2-3

1. Go to and click on the GIVE tab (It is in the upper right corner in an orange box) 2. Put in our name and the amount & follow the instructions 3. Our account number is 0132363

Thanks for the questions and the support.

The adventure continues… Russ, Cathy, Rebecca, Hope , Joshua & Caroline