2 more weeks of furlough... Hope

"Remember your word to your servant, in which you have made me hope." -Psalm 119: 49 This will be one of our last furlough updates. Since in less than two weeks we will leave for Australia. We have had a great time with our churches, supporters, friends & family while we have been in the US. The time has gone by quickly and many have been asking us to get together in the last two weeks. Our schedule is pretty full. We will be in two more churches (First Family Church-24 Oct. am & Saylorville Baptist - 31 Oct. am & pm), speaking at a youth event (Mt. Pleasant @ Calvary Baptist - 30 October), have our Australian BBQ for supporters, friends & family (27 October - Saylorville), various other events and packing to go home. Thanks for all who have asked to get together with us. We would encourage any of you to come to one of the churches or events, our family would love to see you there. If we are unable to see you during this time in the US, our next furlough will be in four years.

We continually reminded how this journey is not about us, but about our Saviour Jesus, in whom we put all of our hope. Our faith continues to grow and we are thankful for all that has been provided for us through many generous people. Also, we continue to look forward to our eternal future with our Lord.

Through various commitments, we have seen the Lord provide for our monthly support. Our family continues to praise God for all who have given towards this goal. We still have some of our goals to be met before leaving for Australia. I have attached our furlough goals to this correspondence. If you have any questions about our financial goals or how you can help, please email us at matthewsdownunder@bigpond.com. Please consider helping out with meeting these goals.

"What I love about the true gospel of Jesus is that it offers hope." - Donald Miller

Projects to work on & prayer requests:

- Salvation of the many that we have spoken to during our time in the US. Neighbours, groups and those in the churches.

- Hope's (our daughter) passport to arrive to us prior to 3 November.

-Funds for 3 new laptop computers  - Our computers need an upgrade to keep up with the demand of the city ministry          (Approx. cost - $800 -1000 per computer)

- Assistance with shipping of 2 donated, rebuilt desk top computers for city ministry ($350/computer - we have a portion of this raised) We cannot ship them with our luggage on the plane with us due to the x-ray systems.

- Funds for 1 new laptop & 1 new desktop for family needs - Ours are in need of replacing at home

- Funds for a small vehicle to assist in travel needs for future ministry. (ex. Toyota Corrolla) Have you ever thought of donating your current vehicle for ministry needs?

-Direction and funding with church plant in Sydney; we have the opportunity for new church plants in 2011 - Our goal is to raise $5000 or more for this fund.

-Funds for furlough - This venture has been a bit more costly than we realised

That is it for now. Thank you for your prayers and support. We hope to see you at the churches.

If you will not see us at the churches, here is how you can support us monthly, increase your support or with a one time gift.

It is easy as 1-2-3

1. Go to www.abwe.org and click on the GIVE tab (It is in the upper right corner in an orange box) 2. Put in our name and the amount & follow the instructions 3. Our account number is 0132363

Thanks for the questions and the support.

The adventure continues… Russ, Cathy, Rebecca, Hope , Joshua & Caroline