First Furlough... what an experience

Our First Furlough... What an experience... Thanks for you prayers for our first furlough. It has been quite an exciting, busy, and exhausting blessing to serve. We are at a different church each weekend and then meeting with friends, supporters & pastors during the week. It is a great time of sharing about four of our favourite things: Jesus, the Bible, Australia and our family. It is fun, but quite tiring. Our health has been up and down, but I think we are adjusting our schedule to get rest in this process. Answering the Consistent Questions: We thought we would answer some of the questions from the church meetings.

"Why the short furlough?" Due to planning purposes for the various ministries in November and the desire to get back to the field we chose to a shorter furlough. It is difficult to be away from the work for such a long time. We are enjoying the time in the US, but we hoping to get home to Australia soon. When we came from Australia we had full support, but while at ABWE we needed to make some adjustments in our support levels and we are praying and working hard to meet those requirements. (Details below)

Caroline-ism: We were driving back from the church last week and Caroline said, "We do a pretty good American accent, don't we." Hope replied,"Honey, we are American." "Oh, I thought we were Australian." "Well, we are both, but we have an American accent." Pray she can get her mind around that one.

Can we ask for you prayers for safety in our travels and discernment on where we can go for new support options?


1) The calendar is filling up quickly with small groups, youth groups, friends, family and our supporting churches. We are still available for some groups and churches during the week, but time is going quickly. Thanks to all who have asked us to come.

2) Good connections with our neighbours and new people in the churches. Please continue to pray for  opportunities to share the good news of Christ in the US.

3) Our friend Andrew will be here soon. Pray for his safe arrival.

We have had for some specifics on our prayer requests:

-$275 monthly increase for support - This is due to a change in our schooling situation for 2011 and some adjustments in support from specific churches.

-4 new laptop computers & 2 new desk top computers for city ministry - Our computers need an upgrade to keep up with the demand of the city ministry

-1 new laptop & 1 new desktop for family needs - Ours are in need of replacing at home

-Direction and funding with church plant in Sydney; we have the opportunity for new church plants in 2011 - Our goal is to raise $5000 for this fund.

- One family or an individual who would be willing to come and serve in ministry in Australia. We would like people to consider working in the City ministry & church planting effort. Our suggestion would be to consider a short term trip, then look towards a long term commitment.

-Funds for furlough

-We would like to purchase a small vehicle to assist in travel needs for future ministry. (ex. Toyota Corrolla)

That is it for now, but there will be more to come. Thank you for your prayers and support.

The adventure continues… Russ, Cathy, Rebecca, Hope , Joshua & Caroline