Matthews Finances for 2010

We wanted to update you on our current financial needs in 2010. Our updates are focused on our ministry opportunities, we only report the financial details every six months. This decision is to show our focus is on the ministry and not just finances. Yet, we are willing to discuss these details at anytime of the year. Finances in Sydney: It has been an amazing year of ups and downs. The GFC, flux in the exchange rate, new supporters, losing supporters, increase in ABWE administrative fees, increase in the cost of living in Sydney and general cost of living in the largest city in Australia. We are thankful and amazed how God has continued to provide for our needs. One unique opportunity was presented to us this year. We have an Australian group that is willing to support us. So, we have been able to gain additional support from those we work with in the country we are serving. This is an encouraging confirmation of our work here in Australia. Also, due to many of our faithful supporters, we have been able to maintain our support levels throughout 2009.

We have been informed by one of our churches in the US and two of our individual supporters that our support will be changing in 2010. Thankfully it was not due to damaged relationships, but financial challenges in the lives of our churches and supporters. Our support for the coming year is currently at 97% of our monthly support levels. This means we are under-supported by $158 (US) on a monthly basis.

We would appreciate your prayerful consideration in making up this difference in our support. Please consider taking up a portion or all of this support need. Besides the work we are doing in Sydney, we commit to pray for you regularly.

To give go to the ABWE link provided for the easy to follow instructions:

To give you perspective of what this support would be going toward here is a list of our 2010 ministry needs.

Ministry opportunities in 2010: • Application for citizenship (February) • Working towards a church plant in the city in 2011 • Exciting programme at City Bible Forum (new speakers, new evangelistic outreaches, new courses) • Growth and planning for Urban Fight Club (Men’s ministry)

• Active role at Glorious Hope Baptist Church (Preaching, evangelism and teaching)

• Furlough (Appointments set w/ all churches and a supporters dinner in October) Anyone who would be willing to assist in some of the financial costs of flying to the US would be appreciated. • General expenses of living

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to seeing you in 2010. We hope to see you at one of our supporting churches or at the supporters dinner we are planning at the end of October. More details will be coming for this event in the next month.

The adventure continues... Russ & Cathy Matthews