Whooping cough - Prayer request

We wanted to send a message of clarification and a prayer request. Caroline was just diagnosed with whooping cough. It is an epidemic in Australia, about 30% of the population has contracted the cough. Some of our friends have contracted the WC and been out of commission for months. Caroline has to be in quarantine for five days. We actually will have to be in contact with the Australian Health Dept. Fortunately she has a very mild strain and the only real symptom is a terrible cough that tears through her whole body when it happens. Otherwise she's her happy little self. Still it means we've all been exposed and we're all on a course of antibiotics and in lockdown mode until those are done. Changed the weekend schedule, but thankfully Caroline is doing well. The weather is unseasonably hot, like a furnace with temps in the 40's (100-105 F) and with no a/c it makes things a bit uncomfortable. So we're sweating it out here in the house.

Some people had heard the news through different contacts. We just wanted to clarify the situation for everyone. So, she is doing well, it was caught early and thank you for your prayers.

The adventure continues... Cathy