Thanks for your prayers

Evangelistic talks – I finished a series of five evangelistic talks in the city. Lighten your Load – The Answer to the Atlas Syndrome – based in Matthew 11:28-30. Each talk grew in attendance throughout the past few weeks. The oragnisers stated that 30-50% of the audience for each talk was from a non-Christian background. Each session had various questions on the issues of rest, the yoke and the burden of the human race. We had over 20 people interesting in Life of Jesus courses or Bible Reading Groups as follow up to the talks. Thank you for your prayers with these events. Church leadership change- One prayer request was for a potential leadership change at Glorious Hope. Through well managed discussions and prayer, our Youth Pastor will be stepping down from his role in January. We have a new leader starting in the New Year. The youth is excited about the process and what the New Year will bring. Please pray for our current youth pastor and his new journey of ministry and our youth programme in 2010.

Citizenship- Please keep us in your prayers for our application for citizenship to Australia. We will begin the process next month. Also please be in prayer for all the preparations for our furlough in 2010.

We are grateful to you all for your support and prayers.

The adventure continues…

Russ and Cathy Matthews