Easter, Fireproof and AFL

Welcome to April. It is raining and moving into Autumn in Australia. Exciting time of year, football season (3 different codes), cooler weather, and Easter. Thanks for all of your continued support and prayers. What is happening in Australia?

Easter: Russ will be sharing the Good Friday message at Glorious Hope Baptist Church,"Eyes on the Road". Looking at the historical implications of the witnesses of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. He will be sharing a evangelistic message at a group at Commonwealth Bank, also.

Bible Reading Groups and Investigating Christianity: Russ has been working through the Bible with various groups around Sydney. Many of the studies are BRGs, which appeal to a non-Christian audience, due to their format of allowing for many questions about the specific portions of the Bible. He will, also, be teaching two Investigating Christianity courses in the city and assisting with a evangelistic series called, The Christ Files.

Fireproof: The Urban Fight Club (Men's ministry) is sponsoring a night out for couples to watch the movie, Fireproof. Great film and it looks to be a great evening of fun and outreach.

Home-school and Sunday School: The house has been busy this year. Through new laws in the New South Wales system, the kids are enrolled in a distance learning program at the Australian Christian College. They attended classes for a week at the school, through a special program for the Distance Learning kids. Made for a crazy schedule, but they thoroughly enjoyed it and have learned many new things about our 'home' country in the process. Cathy is coordinating and teaching Sunday School at GHBC this year. She is enjoying the time with the kids and they truly enjoy her.

Kids Corner: The kids are excited about the school break coming up next week. (Remember, we are on a year round school system.) Hope and Rebecca will be going to a Youth Convention. Josh has finished Little Athletics (Track and Field) and has joined an AFL team (Australian Rules Football). He is loving it and enjoys the time with his mates. (Pray for Mum on this one!) Caroline just finished Little Athletics, too. She is enjoying pre-school this year and continues to be a light to all she comes in contact with at church and in the neighbourhood.

That is it for now. Love hearing from you all. We will be sending details out for our 2010 furlough soon.

We appreciate your prayers and pray you all have a wonderful Easter season.

The adventure continues...

Russ and Cathy Matthews