Prayers and praise

(Apologies: I cannot give out names due to privacy concerns.) Exciting testimony: During our orientation meeting in the city, we were able to hear the testimony of one man who has been coming to the City Bible Forum for over five years. He said, 'I have floated for the past few years of my life. I came to your talks and enjoyed the discussion, but was not ready to commit. Then just a few months ago, I crossed the line. People ask me how I know so much about the Bible when I talk to them about Jesus. I can tell them it is because of all I learned at your talks.' Now, he is a volunteer in the city and goes out and does regular street evangelism with our team.

Ladies in Investigating Christianity: I am teaching a weekly Investigating Christianity Study (ICS) inside a large corporation. It is a course that talks about Who is God, Who is Man, Who is Jesus, and how to get Right with God. Two of the ladies are so intrigued and keep asking many of the difficult questions. 'How can you say that Jesus is God? Why is Christianity so different and show me how it is different from other religions, etc' Please be praying for them and their acceptance of the Lord. Also, they would commit to a Bible Reading Group at their local offices.

At Glorious Hope Baptist, ACTION DAY. We will be doing a 'Clean up Australia Day'  of our community with the Urban Fight Club. It gives us a way to serve our local community and come in contact with many of the people we are trying to build relationships with in the community. Pray for our safety, strength and opportunities to talk with many who will be helping during the day.

Exciting days. Great way to start the new year.

Thanks for your support and continued prayer.

Russ and Cathy