Finishing 'I AM?' , Restored and 'Big Picture'

I AM Thank you for your prayers for the 'I AM?' series at City Bible Forum. It has been a great series to work through in the City, many questions on who Jesus is and who we are if we follow Christ. Many of our regulars have been bringing their non-Christin friends for this look into the biography of Jesus. CBF has attendance each week of 150-250 people, based on the season. Please pray that many would come to a saving knowledge of Christ as I conclude the series with I AM the true vine.

The Big Picture

We will be on a plane in less than a week to come to 'The Big Picture' missions conference at Saylorville Baptist Church. Please come along to hear about all that is going on in the land Down Under. ( for all of the details)

Two updates, our good friend Andrew Mannah will be traveling with us to the US. He has been actively involved in many of the ministries we have been working with in Australia. Great chance for you to meet him and hear about the ministries directly from him. Also, we have been asked to do a full presentation of our ministry on Sunday night 12 October at Saylorville. We will be keeping to our original speaking schedule at the conference, but if you would like another chance to hear the full details of our ministry in Australia. Please come along on Sunday night. We would love to see you at the conference  and then on the following Sunday night.


One of the ministries that Andrew Mannah has coordinated is 'RESTORED.' a specific evangelistic outreach to reach the lost and broken in Sydney. The event will be on 13 February. We will be having Christian NRL stars coming and talking with the audience of teens and young adults. More details will be forthcoming, but please be praying for the fundraiser this next week, for the event and for the Word to be proclaimed. More details at Also, you an join the Restored FACEBOOK group. The promo for the event is posted at the website and on Facebook.

Prayer points

Please pray for our three older kids who will be staying with friends while we are in the US.

Traveling mercies for us as we come back to the US. That Caroline will travel well and that we will adjust to the jetlag on our arrival.

The conference would open the door for many to know more about missions, but most importantly to know the Lord Jesus as thier Saviour.

Hope to see you all at the conference. Thanks for your support and prayers.

The adventure continues...

Russ and Cathy Matthews