Connecting with God

Thanks for your prayers and interest in the 'Connecting with God' event at Chatswood Baptist. The church invited me to speak at an evangelistic event on 2 July. The event met in a Chinese restaurant, near the church, where the members of the church had invited their non-Christian friends to the dinner. After the dinner, a testimony and a brief introduction, I was given the opportunity to share from John 4, the story of the Samaritan woman and Jesus at the well. The talk was called 'Connecting with God.' Focusing on the only means of a true connection with God is through Jesus. Fifty percent of the audience were non-Christian. Most came from an Asian background and would state that English was their 2nd language. Even with these challenges, God was glorified. Two people accepted Christ as their Saviour and seven more were interested in being apart of a course to find out more about Christianity.

Thanks for your prayers for this event. It is great to see God work.

The adventure continues...