Amazing and Busy Days

Acts 20:24 But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.


Amazing Days


I was preaching from John 4 on Sunday, the story of the woman at the well with Jesus. A timeless story and a timeless application to our lives. The portion that hit me was the monologue to the disciples, expressing that most of the time in ministry, we benefit from the work of those who went before us. Yet, God allows for us to witness and participate in his amazing harvest.


We have been working hard for the past few years in Sydney. Yet, the opportunities God opens to us have been in partnership with people who have been doing a work here before we came. So, the things I am going to share with you is part of the work we are doing, but much of the credit needs to go to those who have been doing the work prior to our arrival.


Why are we here? Exploring the glory an uncertainty of humanity

Talk Series from the Book of Psalms


City Bible Forum has had resurgence in the past few weeks. There has been more and more people coming to be apart of this great series that is based in the Psalms. We had over 240 people come to the lunch time talks. Many non-Christians have come along to hear the message from the Bible. We had two people come to know Jesus as their Saviour last week. It has been amazing to see this ministry grow and seeing people coming to an eternal relationship with God.

 (Ministry partners: Peter Kaldor, Craig Josling, Ray Galea, Amalie Parmerlee, Janet Hueng, Ken West) 


Prayer points:

  • Pray for more people to come each week to hear the continuation of the series in Psalms.
  • Russ will be the primary speaker in September. He will be speaking through the ‘I am’ passages in John. 

Urban Fight Club: 1st rule of Fight Club: Do not talk about Fight Club.


I cannot speak about this enough or really at all. It is in the rule book, but if you would like to know how we are getting men into action for faith, family and the body. Email me. We had 17 men come on Saturday. Not for a talk or just to have a good breakfast. It was a call to action. We were tired of complaining about men not coming to church, so, we are teaching them how to ‘fight’ for faith, family and the body. Warning: Understand this is not for everyone and is not just another men’s prayer breakfast.

(Psst… ladies this is not for you, sorry!)

(Ministry partners: Sam Bassari, Aaron Ralston, Andrew Mannah, Andy Rae, Sean Nolan)

Prayer points:

  • Pray for men to stay committed to the ‘Fight!’
  • Pray for men to connect with one another and God. Also, for them to lead.


Connecting with God


We had a ‘Connecting with God’ Sunday at Glorious Hope Baptist. It was a great day and God provided many opportunities for people to bring their non-Christian family and friends. I preached through the story of Jesus and the women and the well. Pray that many would come to a saving knowledge of a ‘connection’ with God.

 (Ministry Partners: Sam Bassari, Lody Bassari, Cathy Matthews, Celeste Bassari, Andrew Mannah)


Prayer Point:

  • I will be preaching this message at Chatswood Baptist’s evangelistic outreach on Wednesday night. Pray that people’s lives would be impacted by this message.


Family matters


The family is doing well. Caroline just celebrated her 3rd birthday, Josh is continuing to lead in Scouts and Sunday school, Hope is growing in her guitar playing and Becca in her story writing abilities. Cathy and I will be doing marriage counseling and mentoring within the church this coming year.


We are praying for you and thankful for your continued support and prayers.


The adventure continues…

Russ & Cathy Matthews