Welcome to winter in Australia

Welcome to winter in Australia. Just thought I would start off with an interesting fact of the land we now call home. Now winter here is a bit different than up north. The days stay around 50-70 degrees (F) and no snow. The key difference is that there is no central heat in most homes, so it can get colder in the house than outside. Interesting fun fact. Two praises and one prayer point

National Workplace Evangelism Conference

Thank you for your prayers for this conference. We had great attendance and interest in workplace evangelism. Here are some of the highlights.

Great talks : God’s love for a great city (Jonah) and the challenge to not flee the cities but be the salt and light we are to be within the cities. “As the city goes, so goes the culture.” –Tim Keller

Reaching the Culture: How do we answer the “Defeater beliefs” and why should the culture even listen to us?

Electives on Prayer and evangelism, sharing your faith at work and organizing events and groups.

The goals of the conference were to challenge people to share their faith in the place they spend the most hours in every day; work.

We had people travel in from Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Dubbo.

“I did not know what to expect from this conference, but I leave with a completely different perspective on sharing my faith. Thanks for the weekend and please do it again.”

Women of Worth: Ladies Pamper Day

Cathy, Rebecca, and Hope ( also, our adopted daughter, Amalie) participated in the Ladies Pamper day at our new church, Glorious Hope Baptist. The pastor’s wife, Lody Bassari and the ladies of the church put together a pre-Mother’s day outreach in the community. Many of the ladies in the community would not be able to afford a ‘pamper day.’ So, the WOW group at church puts together a massive project to pamper the ladies in the neighbourhood. Over 60 ladies came. Cathy was thrilled because she has able to do hand massages on most of the women. She was able to pray with all of the ladies she came in touch with on the day and share the Gospel with them. She said, “The experience was like Jesus washing the feet of the disciples.” All of the ladies heard a great Gospel appeal and good music. All of the ladies who worked on the day communicated “The love that was shown to the ladies was unlike anything that they had experienced before.” Pray the ladies come to church and come to know Christ as their Saviour.

Prayer point:

Over the past three weeks, Russ has been experiencing back pain. Yesterday, he was laid out on the floor for the whole day. After, finally, going to the doctor and chiropractor it is most likely a slipped disc or pinched nerve. Today, he will be going to get scans and tests done to see what can be done. We would appreciate your prayers for this situation.

Kid’s corner: Hope starts guitar lessons, Josh is now a “sixer” leader in Scouts, Becca is writing a new story daily and Caroline singing and reading all the time.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers. We love hearing from you via e-mail. It helps us to know how to pray for all of you.

The adventure continues… The Matthews Family