Celebrating Resurrection Day

We hope this update finds you well and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. This is the reason we do what we do, for the glory and worship of our God and what He did for the world through the death, burial and resurrection of His Son. This beautiful, scandalous day of grace and mercy brought together in the vision that is the cross and the empty tomb. This is the day in history, giving us the invitation for a relationship with the creator of the universe that can only come through His Son. We pray that you would join us knowing the joy that can only be found through the knowledge and acceptance significance of this day, Easter, The Resurrection Day. 

Quick update: Busy few months in ministry in the Sydney. Teaching a course “Six Steps to sharing about Jesus” at Oracle. This is a great class and we receive stories each week of people sharing their faith in the workplace. We had over 200 people come to the events at Telstra to hear from the Biblical Historian, John Dickson on the historical truths of Jesus’ resurrection. Over 150 people came to the events in the “Easter and the City” presentations given at the City Bible Forum. Pray for those who prayed with us during the invitation that was offered at the end of the sessions. We had people fill out forms with interest in becoming a Christian. We will keep you updated over the next few weeks.  

Amalie Parmerlee has arrived in Sydney for the work in 2008. We are thrilled with her willingness to work with our ministries. She has been a blessing for the work in the city, church and youth.  

Family front: We will officially be moving to a new church in April, Glorious Hope Baptist. Please pray for the family adjusting to a new church and for the future ministry and church planting opportunities with Glorious Hope Baptist.  

We celebrated our sixteenth anniversary on Friday. What a blessing it is to have an incredible spouse to work in the ministry. Thank you for all of you who pray for our family. The stronger our relationship grows with God, the stronger our marriage grows.  

We have applied for our permanent visas and hope this will come through quickly. Please pray for this process. It will be a blessing for us and give us freedoms that will make us more effective in ministry. All good things come with a cost, it will cost close to $3000 for the visas. We appreciate any church that would be willing to assist us with deferring these costs.  Thanks: We are grateful for the opportunity to serve in this amazing country. It really hit us the other day when we went to celebrate Good Friday at church. Based on the statistics of Australia, we drive by all of the homes in our neighbourhood and realise that out of 100 homes (100 families) we would only be one of two families celebrating this day. The day is a public holiday, but more people would be celebrating the beach or the Easter Bunny than the resurrection of the Son. There is so much work to be done here and we are grateful for your support of His ministry in Australia. Please be praying for the opportunity to introduce people to the one and only true God.  

Happy Resurrection Day  

The Matthews family  

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